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At least 10 apartments in Yishun have reportedly been hit by metal ball bearings in the past nine months.

Ball bearings damaged glass doors and windows. In one case, the damage cost around S$900 to repair.

The police are currently investigating.

Metallic ball bearings

Picture via Google Maps.

According to Shin Min Daily News.

A resident surnamed Xu said Shinmin that she had heard about the incident from other neighbors last December. And a day after hearing the news, her glass window in her master bedroom was knocked down three times.

Xu said the diameter of the hole was about half a centimeter, but the bullet impact caused cracks that stretched three centimeters in length. The beatings also left shards of glass all over the floor of her master bedroom.

Image via Shin Min Daily/FB.

She called the police and they came to her home to investigate the matter, but were unable to identify where the metal ball bearings had been taken from.

Xu noted that about nine other households have had the same experience since last June.

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said Shinmin that when she was working from home in December last year, she heard a series of loud bangs coming from a room in her house.

A small iron ball was later found and handed over to the police.

Image via Shin Min Daily/FB.

Another affected resident said The time of the straits that the damage to its doors is estimated at S$900 to repair.

Incidents occurring during school holidays

Strangely, Xu said all the incidents happened during school vacations (June, September and December holidays), which caused locals to worry about their children’s safety.

Another resident, whose surname is Zhong, said Shinmin that she’s worried about her 7-year-old getting shot. The window of his house has been knocked down four times in the past six months.

Several of the affected residents are said to have filed complaints with the police.

The buildings closest to the affected apartments, which may be where the culprit fired the ball bearings from, are blocks 323 and 324 Yishun Central.

Aerial view of the HDB blocks, separated by the park connector. Picture via Google Maps.

Picture via Google Maps.

Police investigations

Nee Soon RCMP MP Louis Ng said ST that police investigations are ongoing for the reported cases.

Ng added that the constituency is working closely with the police and urged residents to immediately report any incidents to the police.

A Nee Soon City Council spokesperson also said cleaning staff are also monitoring suspicious behavior in the neighborhood.

Mothership contacted Singapore police for a statement.

Anyone with information to call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000 or submit information online at this website.

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Best pictures via Shin Min Daily/FB.

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