Which Bank Gives Most Affordable Residential and Mortgage Loans?

Which Bank Gives Most Affordable Residential and Mortgage Loans?



All those who have to withdraw mortgages are interested in which bank gives the most advantageous housing loans. Where are the lowest interest rates on mortgage loans? A home is our place, the building we live in constantly. Here we create our coziness and comfort, where we build and keep the family, where we raise and educate our children.

For us the Bulgarians – the home – the place is a sacred and inviolable place where we work, dream and relax after a hard day. To create a home, complete it, maintain and furnish it takes a lot of time, effort and resources. We often get a housing loan, which is a big sum and we pay for years.

It is extremely important that housing loans are profitable, that they are concluded on favorable terms and that they are optimal. This depends on our overall financial situation.

We have to compare and thoroughly analyze bank offers to choose a bank that gives the most advantageous housing loans. We have selected housing loans for you, consider and compare features and parameters to choose the most cost-effective one for you.


  • When it comes to which bank gives the most advantageous housing loans, Raiffeisenbank occupies top positions.
  • Transparent pricing: reference rate plus a flat rate. Lower interest rate on wage transfer to the bank. You can also use mortgage loans without transferring salary .
  • Currency – BGN or EUR, amounting to 10000 BGN / 5000 EUR / up to 400000 BGN / 20 000 EUR /. High funding rate up to 85%.
  • Repayment term up to 30 years.
  • Interest – competitive and flexible, tailored to your individual account.
  • There are fees for: viewing documents, opening and monthly servicing of a current account, monthly fee for servicing the Comfort package.
  • The application is via an online inquiry. Free online video consultation after saving time.
  • An online credit calculator is provided to calculate your monthly installment.
  • Grace period up to 12 months, when you only pay interest.
  • You can apply in parallel for a consumer loan with a fixed interest rate .
  • Possibility to issue a credit card with a pre-approved limit and no service fee for the first year.
  • Insurance: Security Plus – Defend your home, you and the closest to unfavorable events.
  • Comfort with Comfort Package – debit card with unlimited free POS payments and free cash withdrawals from bank ATMs.
  • Registration in RAIFFEISEN online – quick and easy access to your funds at any time and anywhere.


  • Currency – BGN, amounting from 10000 to 500000 BGN.
  • Purpose: housing loan for the purchase of a house or an apartment, credit for construction , repair, finishing or refinancing of existing housing loan.
  • Extremely good interest. Lower for the first 25 months. The variable interest rate, the allowance is determined depending on the borrower’s risk profile and the particularities of the transaction being funded.
  • High percentage of financing – up to 90% of the market value of the property serving as collateral for monolithic construction, up to 80% for panel construction.
  • Collateral: mortgage loan – first mortgage on real estate.
  • Wage transfer is required at the bank.
  • The loan is disbursed once or in tranches.
  • Long repayment time, tailored to customer’s desires and wishes from 13 to 420 months.
  • Way of repayment: equal or decreasing monthly installments.
  • Possibility for an additional credit limit in the form of a credit card – amounting to one net monthly salary.
  • Property insurance and life insurance are required for mortgage loan , according to the terms of the bank.

3. POSTAL BANK – Fixed interest mortgage for the first 5 years

3. POSTAL BANK - Fixed interest mortgage for the first 5 years

  • Finance your purchase, construction, completion, repair or home improvement with a low-interest flat rate loan for the first 5 years. Permanent monthly installments for this period. After that, a variable interest rate / reference and a fixed allowance negotiated individually / for the remaining period of the loan.
  • Currency: EUR, up to EUR 250,000, up to 35 years. The funds are up to 85% of the market price of the property.
  • Exploration of the credit application and statement within one working day.
  • After processing your online application, a bank expert contacts you to discuss the specific credit parameters.
  • Wage transfer is required at the bank.
  • Multiple preferential terms of your choice.
  • Grace period on principal for 12 month period.
  • Fees: for creditworthiness assessment, documentary analysis of the collateral, property valuation, one-off for the opening of the My family program and monthly for its servicing.
  • Choice between equal and declining contributions.
  • Additional protection with the life insurance package.

4. FIBank – Housing loan right to choose

  • A lucrative home loan designed to buy, build, repair, complete your home, refinance mortgage loans , repay debt or other current needs.
  • Attractive interest rates tailored to your credit rating. Interest rate – minimum, fixed annual for the first 12 months, variable annual for the remaining period. New, more attractive conditions – fixed interest rate for the first 3 years. Additional interest rebates – upon receipt of the declared income in the bank, when using a credit card issued by Fibank, using a bundle program.
  • There are no application, award, management or commitment fees. There is a fee for valuation of the property, which is performed by an independent, registered, external valuer and is confirmed by an internal valuator of the bank.
  • The Bank pays the notary and state fees for the formation of a mortgage when refinancing credit from another bank.
  • Up to 100% financing from the market value of the property and unlimited loan amount.
  • Currency leva or euro, repayment term up to 35 years, when buying a home, up to 30 years for repairs, repayment of debts or other.
  • Collateral: mortgage on purchased or other real estate, located in a residential or administrative building, UPI, agricultural land up to 6 category.
  • You have 14 days after receiving a draft contract to sign it.
  • Way of repayment – in equal monthly installments. There is a possibility to renegotiate the repayment terms.
  • Early repayment of a mortgage loan and partial repayment of the loan, which leads to a reduction of the repayment and maintenance of the term, maintenance of the contribution and reduction of the term and a combination of both.
  • Additional security and financial stability are provided when you take out credit protection insurance.
  • Flexible grace period (12 months every 5 years from the term of the loan after the first year), additional services and relief for correct and loyal payers