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ULLU’s viral video streaming site is ready to acquaint its fans with the new web show “Sangeet Games Of Karma”. The makers have officially shared the release date. Because of this, people’s curiosity hits the bricks because whenever ULLU brings a series, it sparks the interest of people who like to watch the webcast stream. But all the attention was drawn to the star cast, especially the actress’ wiki-bio, so below you can check the full details like star cast, release date and time.

The creators officially release Games Of Karma (Sangeet) on November 23, 2021; the series is based on drama and thriller. Everyone has been waiting for a long time to stream such an amazing web series of ULLU, and finally their wait is about to end as the creators have shared the crucial details. It is assumed that the story contains such unexpected twists that no one would even imagine because drama-thrill is a name that attracts a lot of viewers, so just be prepared to watch it.

Sangeet Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series Details

NAME: – Sangeet Games of Karma (Episode5)
GENRE:- Drama-Thriller & Romance
RELEASE DATE:- November 23, 2021
DURATION: – 25 minutes

Regarding the plot, the story contains two characters, who are in a relationship and live together. Her husband is a singer and likes to have sex with her in different avatars daily; in short, he likes it. Even he mentally and physically tortured his wife on a daily basis, which is quite inappropriate, and he decided to do something against him. In short, the story revolves around her that she will survive in such a state while enduring the pain of daily torture.

Here we have mentioned details which will help you while streaming the series as crucial details are integral to everything. Whether it’s a movie or a series, first of all you have to buy the subscription to be able to access it at the right time. However, the subscription is not too expensive. You can buy it easily if you access it to stream all those hit series that makers have already released. So be sure to stream the series, and for more details, stay connected with us.

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