The 9 Best Main Series Games According To Metacritic, Ranked

Pokemon is the most profitable media franchise in the world. There are only about 60 countries in the world whose GDP exceeds the annual income of Pokemon. Although most pokemons revenue comes from licensed products, with the second largest slice of the pie being games. Pokemon started as a game franchise, and its main series games continue to form a solid backbone of the entire franchise. It is in these games that the franchise introduces new Pokémon, human characters, and regions.

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Pokémon games have varied in quality over the years, but not by much. No main series Pokemon the game has less than 70 out of 100 on review aggregation site Metacritic, but none of them have more than 90 either. However, critics and fans don’t always agree, and a Pokemon the game’s user score often differs significantly from its metacritical score.

9 Omega Ruby (83) and Alpha Sapphire (82) barely beat their originals

The player and his rival watch Beautifly

In a clear demonstration of the Pokemon the constant quality of the games, Pokemon Omega Ruby only narrowly beats titles like the original Pokémon Ruby (82), Red fire (81), and Leaf Green (81) in terms of metacritical scores. Indeed, his counterpart Alpha sapphire has just an 82. Reviewers hailed these games as good remakes for anyone looking for a nostalgia rush, but, like many remakes, it lacked enough new features to get them excited. The fans were less nice, and Omega Ruby and Alpha sapphire both have user scores of 7.5 out of 10.

8 Legends: Arceus (83) is a whole new direction

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The last episode of the Pokemon franchise is also the biggest departure from the formula of a main series game to date. Rather than being a brand new region or a remake of an older game, Legends: Arceus is a distant prequel to the Generation IV games, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

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It features the ancient region of Hisui, which would eventually become Sinnoh, and uses a much more open-ended approach to level design and gameplay than previous entries in the series. Legends: Arceus fans and critics alike seem to agree that this is a strong new direction for the franchise, as the game has a user score of 8.3

7 Platinum (83) lags behind its predecessors but remains popular

Cyrus gives Lucas the master ball

This follow-up diamond and pearl attracted a lot of positive attention, but as Pokémon Emerald before it, critics were quick to point out how similar it was to its predecessors. These games were incredibly popular, so the comparison is favorable. But since Metacritic’s scores are based on reviews at the time of the game’s release, many reviewers were judging the game based on purchase value so soon after the game’s release. diamond and Pearl. Cases like this often see an increase in user score over the years, as evidenced by Platinum 8.9 User rating.

6 Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon (84) are good, but the originals are better reviewed

In yet another case of follow-up games not reviewing as well as their originals, Ultra-Sun and Ultra Moon arrive slightly below their predecessors. Plus, like the other follow-up games, the critical consensus seems to be that these games are great for anyone who has yet to play. Sun Where Moon, but it might not be worth buying for fans who already have the previous entries.

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Users aren’t as hot on these games, with Ultra-Sun and Ultra Moon carrying a user score of 7.5 and 7.6 respectively. These may increase over time, but for now they are among the lowest of any main series game.

5 Diamond & Pearl (85) far outperform their recent remakes

pokemon pearl wind driffloon

The core Gen IV games are incredibly well-regarded by fans and critics alike. diamond and pearl introduces online battles and trading, a huge leap forward for the Pokemon community around the world. Reviewers praise these games as some of the best the Pokémon formula has to offer, while others point out that they’re still in that formula. User reviews point to a common thread in Pokemon Fans. Anyone who started his Pokemon journey with these games will love them unconditionally, while others will have mixed opinions. Both diamond and pearl have a user score of 8.3.

4 HeartGold and SoulSilver (87) are the highest ranked remakes

Ethan, Lyra and their Pokémon.

Metacritic’s review aggregate doesn’t go far enough back to cover the original Gen II games, but these 2010 remakes serve as an excellent substitute. Critics of the time echo a common refrain found on Pokemon games and their remakes: praising them for their quality but wanting the series to break new ground. As with many titles over a decade old, users are much more supportive on HeartGold and SoulSilver, and they have 9.1 and 9.2 respectively when it comes to user score.

3 Black and white (87) gets a bad rap but is actually quite popular

The last great games released before the advent of the 3DS, Black and White are often dragged by members of the Pokemon community, often for Pokémon designs. But reviews were quite high on these games, particularly citing how bold it was to remove all Pokemon from previous generations and introduce a whole new region of the world. Despite their poor reputation, user reviews present these games in a relatively positive light, with Pokemon Black having a user score of 7.8 and Pokemon White having a 7.7.

2 Sun & Moon (87) were the last new games before the change

Sun and Moon were the main games of Generation VII and represented the first steps on the way Pokemon is today. These games did away with several traditions that dated back to the beginning, including Gym and HMs, as well as the introduction of regional forms.

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These refreshing moves probably helped the critic review department, as they addressed some common criticisms leveled against many Pokemon Games. Users weren’t as high on Sun and Moon, because they both have a user score of 7.6

1 X & Y (88) were loved by critics, but fans feel differently

In one of the biggest disparities between reviewers and users, Pokemon X and Yes top the list of games in the main series. Critics praised these games primarily for transitioning to 3D space through the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS and for breathing new life into the series. Beneath the praise, however, run several common threads. X and Yes Much changed on the surface, but much of the core gameplay remained the same. In a way, these were the last Pokemon before Generation VII launched a wave of experimentation. Users haven’t been so kind in the years since, and these games only have a user rating of 7.5.

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