Teenagers ‘fire ball bearings from slingshots’ in Littlemoor Shopping Center

YOBS damaged a store and nearly hit a person as they were firing ball bearings from a catapult.

This is the latest incident in a series of anti-social behavior at Littlemoor in Weymouth.

A community leader asked the “frustrated” residents to continue contacting the police after the latest episode of unrest.

It comes after employees at the estate store said anti-social behavior is “getting out of hand” in the area following reports of suspected thefts from stores, bottles thrown on delivery vans, damaged storefront and even a call to a young person said to be in possession of a machete.

Police said they had stepped up patrols and made house calls.

On New Years Day, officers were called after the window of McColl’s convenience store in Littlemoor Shopping Center was damaged by a ball bearing fired from a catapult and a person was nearly hit.

Littlemoor Shopping Center

No one from the store wanted to comment.

Dorset City Councilor for Littlemoor and Preston Louie O’Leary said: “I was withdrawing money from an ATM at Littlemoor Shopping Center and saw police officers present.

“I think it was a young group shooting ball bearings with a slingshot on the edge of the grass.

“I saw it caused damage to McColl’s driveway. It’s a dangerous thing to do and it’s part of a larger problem that’s happening on the estate.

Dorset Echo: Another storefront that has already been damaged at Littlemoor Shopping CenterAnother storefront that has already been damaged at Littlemoor Shopping Center

“I know as well as anyone how frustrating these incidents are for the residents, but I urge everyone to keep contacting the police because if they don’t, nothing will ever change.”

Littlemoor Safety Forum coordinator Tony A’Lee said residents say there is nothing for young people to do on the estate.

Mr. A’Lee said: “I am aware of the incidents.

“I’ve talked to some residents about Antisocial Behavior (ASB) and they respond by saying ‘kids are bored’ without doing anything.

“I think we should be looking to do things for the good kids in the area, of whom there are many. We should not appease the unruly people who just want to create problems in the neighborhood.”

As a result, a town hall meeting at the Littlemoor Community Center will now highlight the work police are doing to tackle ASB in the area.

Mr A’Lee added: “The ASB will be a high priority on the agenda for our next meeting on Monday (January 10) with the anger of some residents at the bad publicity the Littlemoor area is receiving.”

Cllr O’Leary added: “I hope people come to the meeting and the police and other agencies can provide an update on what they are doing and their plans for the future.”

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: ‘We received a report at 5:20 pm on Saturday 1 January that a metal ball bearing was thrown at a member of the public but did not hit him as well. that McColl’s window at Littlemoor Shopping Center had also been hit by a ball bearing, which was reportedly launched from a catapult.

“Officers were present and the member of the public had left the area.

“Investigations were carried out and two local boys, aged 13 and 14, were identified as suspected of being involved. They have received dispersal orders and are participating in the ongoing investigation into the case, which includes a review of available CCTV footage. ”

The spokesperson added: “Following recent concerns about anti-social behavior in the Littlemoor area, officers have carried out increased patrols and made house calls in conjunction with the ASB housing officers.

“This work is part of Operation Relentless, the force’s drive to reduce anti-social behavior (ASB). The operation aims to remind residents and visitors that Dorset Police take a strict approach towards the ASB and sends a very clear message to those involved that it simply will not be tolerated in the county.

“We encourage everyone to report incidents of anti-social behavior to Dorset Police.

“These reports help us build a intelligence picture across the region to uncover where anti-social behavior is occurring and direct patrols to any areas that have increased the reporting of ASBs.”

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