Syngenta introduces the new Postiva fungicide

Ornamental growers have a powerful tool to help manage difficult diseases such as Fusarium, leaf spots, Botrytis, powdery mildew and more with Syngenta’s Postiva fungicide registration. Postiva is approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for use in ornamental nurseries, greenhouses, and residential and commercial landscapes.

Postiva is the first fungicide available to ornamental plant growers powered by ADEPIDYN technology, a next generation SDHI with better and longer lasting disease control. Thanks to a combination of ADEPIDYN technology and difenoconazole, a DMI (Demethylation Inhibitor) fungicide, in FRAC Groups 7 and 3, Postiva provides strong defense against multiple pathogens while helping to delay the development of resistance.

Postiva has also demonstrated strong activity against bacterial pathogens such as Pseudomonas spp. and Xanthomonas spp., broadening the spectrum of control for a complete phytosanitary treatment.

“With two active ingredients, Postiva is a powerful, broad-spectrum fungicide for greenhouse and nursery growers looking to diversify their rotation programs,” said Nancy Rechcigl, technical services manager for ornamentals at Syngenta. “When applied, Postiva quickly establishes a rain-resistant barrier of protection, preventing infection and disease progression. To prevent the spread of disease, growers should apply Postiva before or at the first sign of symptoms. of illness.”

Postiva can be applied by spray, dip, chemigation or cold fogging to ornamentals, vegetables and non-bearing fruit and nut plants grown for retail sale. Thanks to the flexible application methods, Postiva is perfectly suited for all operations.

“Postiva is a great rotational partner to diversify programs for more comprehensive, broader-spectrum control,” said Dean Mosdell, Ph.D., technical services manager for ornamentals at Syngenta. “By rotating Postiva with Mural, Palladium and Daconil brand fungicides, growers can create a robust disease and resistance management program.”

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