Stan’s Original Series Wolf Like Me: Isla Fisher Reveals Her Surprising Fight During Filming

It takes a very smart show to have you laughing, crying and jumping in shock in the span of just five minutes. Corn wolf like me — which premiered on Stan Today — is a show that does.

Starring Isla Fisher as Mary and Josh Gad as Gary, the series follows their strange romance, with Mary and Gary carrying a lot of baggage and hiding deep secrets. It was this very premise that attracted Isla Fisher to the role.

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“I thought it was this gender concept on the outside, but on the inside it was about the healing properties of love and openness,” Fisher told 9Entertainment.

“It’s about how these damaged people connect. It’s a pretty emotionally honest look at romance and how scary it is to make yourself vulnerable to another person, so I think that’s what who just grabbed me with the story.”

Is it a spontaneous kiss that we feel? (Provided)

Mary is also both an interesting and rather difficult character to play, and as Isla explains, she has multiple dimensions.

“She carries the burden of this shame and doesn’t accept who she is at all, but everyone really connects to her and wants to be around her… I also love that she lives vicariously through everything. the world as an advice columnist and has all these quirky hobbies. There’s a lot to unpack.”

Mary’s big secret in particular is one of those great things to “unbox”, and it’s a secret you’ll slowly discover. You’ll wonder, “Why does she get home before dark, like her life depends on it?” and ‘That’s a lot of bones… does Mary own about 17 dogs?’

Wolf Like Me Stan Original Series Isla Fisher Josh Gad
Dark secrets will be revealed on Wolf Like Me. (Provided)

And while no, one of Mary’s many hobbies isn’t raising dogs, animals – like chickens – feature prominently in the six-part TV series. Fisher explained that Mary being big on animal rights was one of her [Isla’s] ideas.

“I’m incredibly sensitive to animals,” she said. “In all the scenes where the chickens were, we were incredibly sweet and everyone was very sensitive to that.”

Wolf Like Me Stan Original Series Isla Fisher Josh Gad
Gary and Mary find themselves in unexpected awkward situations. (Provided)

Fisher sat down with writer, director and executive producer Abe Forsythe before filming to discuss her character.

“Abe was wonderfully collaborative, even though it’s a very personal story for him and it’s based on his own personal experience. At first we had a few meetings, and he incorporated thoughts about Mary that I had in scenes, which is very generous of him. .

“He’s an incredibly talented director. It was an honor that he entrusted me with this story.”

Forsythe is known for being the author of little monsters, and one of his talents is to put together different tones. This is found in wolf like me.

“It has horror moments, but also comedic moments, dramatic moments, romantic moments, and action,” Fisher explained. “I think that’s what’s interesting about Abe’s work.”

Wolf Like Me Stan Original Series Isla Fisher Josh Gad
Widowed father Gary is played by Josh Gad. (Provided)

Fisher added that in wolf like me, Forsythe is able to keep people on board with the heavy emotional scenes through the mysterious and more thrilling parts of the series.

“But really, it serves this wonderful message about the healing properties of love and openness and the baggage that we bring to a relationship and how damaged these people are, but they learn to accept themselves and s ‘accept each other,'” she said. “I think it’s a very sophisticated dance.”

Also at the heart of the series is a strained relationship between Gary and his 11-year-old daughter, Emma, ​​played by Ariel Donoghue. This stems from the death of Emma’s mother, from which they both suffer deeply. Fisher thinks this fight will resonate with many viewers.

Wolf Like Me Stan Original Series Isla Fisher Josh Gad
Emma is played by Ariel Donoghue. (Provided)

“I know so many single parents who will feel the challenges of going through this and I think there will be so many kids who will really identify with Ariel’s character, Emma, ​​and how depressed she will be after having lost a parent,” she explained.

But Fisher also thinks the series will appeal to everyone.

“I think adults who like adult romance will be interested, as will people who like the supernatural. I like to think there’s a little something in this series for everyone.

“My parents who are a bit older loved it and a friend of mine who is younger enjoyed it. I think it’s really original, so hopefully it finds a fan base.”

Wolf Like Me Stan Original Series Isla Fisher Josh Gad
Yes, an unlikely romance is forming between Mary and Gary. (Provided)

Surprisingly, one of the 45-year-old’s biggest struggles while filming was that there was a lot of running involved, as Fisher proclaims she’s “famous for being the worst runner”.

“When I went to clown school in Paris, one of the teachers made me run through this huge room so everyone could watch me laugh because it was a fun race, to inspire d ‘other clowns doing fun runs. But I was leading my best.”

Luckily, Isla got a running coach, which allowed her to leave behind her “constipated Oompa Loompa” running style.

Wolf Like Me Stan Original Series Isla Fisher Josh Gad
Yes, Isla Fisher had to learn to run for her role as Mary. (Provided)

“She filmed me running and slowed me down and showed me how ridiculous it was and showed me different techniques so in the end Mary has the race of an experienced runner instead of the stroke of a constipated Oompa Loompa.”

Just as Mary will race across your screens, we have a feeling that if you start, you’ll also be racing through this easy-going six-part series.

Wolf Like Me is available to watch now, only on Stan.

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