Split spherical roller bearings

By replacing the solid spherical roller bearings of a vehicle body wash conveyor belt drive with slotted spherical roller bearings and corresponding housing housings. Schaeffler, a Spanish automaker dramatically reduced the time it takes to replace damaged bearings, reducing maintenance costs and downtime at the washing plant.

With 11,000 employees and a turnover of around 4.8 billion euros, the Spanish automaker produces around 400,000 vehicles per year. Car bodies are cleaned in a body washer before being painted. The service lives of the original (solid) spherical roller bearings installed on the washer conveyor return unit have been reduced by the harsh operating conditions.

Whenever a damaged bearing in the conveyor belt drive needed to be replaced, production had to be stopped for at least four to five hours while the bearings were dismantled and replaced. In order to reduce these unplanned shutdowns, the customer asked Schaeffler to simplify the replacement of the bearings.

Quick and easy assembly

The most efficient solution was to replace the solid spherical roller bearings with Schaeffler split spherical roller bearings and corresponding housings. Due to their special design, these bearings are much easier to fit. Using split spherical roller bearings reduces bearing replacement time, especially in hard-to-reach areas such as multi-support shafts.

In a split bearing, the inner ring, outer ring, and roller and cage assembly are split into two halves which are clamped together with screws. A cylindrical bore allows direct mounting on the shaft, which means that bearings typically offer high thrust loads and dynamically compensate for any misalignment. In addition, by using a split version of the bearing, many steps in the assembly and disassembly process are omitted. This means that downtime – and all associated costs – are drastically reduced.

From 5 hours to 30 minutes

Convinced by a product presentation, the customer asked Schaeffler to replace the bearings and housings of the body wash conveyor belt drive. Experienced Schaeffler assemblers replaced conventional bearings with special plummer block housings fitted with lip seals and split spherical roller bearings. In addition, Schaeffler FRM140 / 12.5 bearing rings were installed at the positioning end, which meant that it was only necessary to modify the washing machine bench to adjust the axis of the washer. tree at the correct reference height. Replacing bearings is now much less time-consuming – 30 minutes instead of 4 to 5 hours – which significantly reduces washer downtime and increases washer uptime.

Depending on the car model, production losses resulting from a 4-5 hour bearing replacement can reach 500 bodies. By replacing these bearings with spherical split roller bearings, production losses are reduced to 180 bodies. In addition to reducing the time required to replace (ie disassemble and assemble) the bearings, Schaeffler two-piece spherical roller bearings are also easy to store thanks to their modular design; the same size of housing is suitable for different sizes of shaft.

Other applications

Typical applications of spherical split roller bearings include belt drives, paper machines, mixing and agitation plants, conveying equipment, rolling mills, converters, crushers, rotary kilns, fans , fans, drive and transmission shafts. In many applications, the spherical roller bearing is mounted on the shaft in such a complex arrangement that when the bearing needs to be replaced, it is also necessary to remove all adjacent components.

This results in increased downtime and complex additional tasks such as removing gears, clutches and other drive units. For more information on Schaeffler split spherical roller bearings, please contact Schaeffler UK Communication & Marketing at [email protected]

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