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A trailer has been released for the Sky Original sci-fi thriller series Midwich Cuckoo Clocks, about a small town of people in which women seem to get pregnant at the same time, giving birth to little girls who have bad wigs and sinister plans. The stars of the series Keeley Hawes, Max Beeley, Synnove Karlsen, Indica Watson, Alec Nichols, Kimia Lamour, Natalia Harrisand Lara Rossi.

The series is based on the 1957 science fiction novel written by John Wyndham and is led by Alice Troughton (the flash, Legends of tomorrow), Börkur Sigþorsson (vultures) and Jennifer Perrott (echo range). The screenplay was adapted by Sasha Salutes, Namsi Khan, Laura Lomasand David Farre.

Here is the description of the series:

Midwich is a quiet suburban town where not much happens. That is, until the twilight hours of a late summer day, when everyone in a defined area of ​​the city falls unconscious. The curious incident seems temporary and those affected regain consciousness, but all women of childbearing age inside the area have suddenly and inexplicably become pregnant. As the children of the phenomenon grow up, it becomes clear that they are not of this world.

It sounds a little cheesy, but it doesn’t look completely hopeless. It certainly has some chilling vibes, and I hope it delivers. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for a release date. Midwich Cuckoo Clocks is set to arrive on Sky TV this summer.

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