SKF Cooper’s New E-Series Makes Two Halves Much Better Than a Whole

Customers can expect economic and safety benefits from new SKF Cooper E-Series split roller bearings

SKF is pleased to announce the upgrade of the popular and renowned Cooper split roller bearings. With Cooper’s new E-Series, SKF has succeeded in improving an already excellent product even further to deliver a host of additional cost, time and safety benefits that will maximize machine uptime and uptime, reduce maintenance costs operation, thereby increasing plant productivity. production.

SKF Cooper is the market leader in innovative split bearing technology. Featuring several revolutionary designs, these split roller bearings provide an economical and fast solution to the “trapped” bearing position of machinery. The argument for split bearings as the optimal solution for certain applications is simple. When using a split bearing, the drive coupling or cantilever drive and gearbox do not need to be disassembled when replacing the bearing. Since very little modification is required to the shaft alignment or transmission, realignment can be completely avoided. The bearings can thus be easily replaced on site, which makes them particularly suitable for tight and difficult-to-reach places. This helps minimize downtime during machine maintenance and servicing with a reduction in mean time to repair (MTTR) of up to two-thirds.

In addition to increasing production and reducing maintenance costs, reducing the number of maintenance steps such as the need to lift heavy equipment to replace conveyor pulley bearings improves worker safety. workers.

The new E series is dimensionally interchangeable as it incorporates an extended range of 01 and 02 series bearings in bore sizes up to 150mm. This allows customers and end users to easily replace existing 01 and 02 bearings with new bearings of the same dimensions.

The entire product range is available in sizes up to 300mm, making the E-Series suitable for a wide range of applications on industrial and marine equipment, including belt and screw conveyors , industrial fans, industrial drive shafts, water turbines and propeller shafts.

The upgrade also includes a unique, patented brass cage design with an optimized roller complement that provides benefits such as increased load capacity, greater safety margins, longer L10 rated life and subsequently improved lifespan.

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