New way to report potholes in South Gloucestershire

Column by Cllr Steve Reade, Cabinet Member responsible for transport at South Gloucestershire Council.

I am pleased to announce the launch of South Gloucestershire Council’s innovative new digital system for people to report issues in their community, such as potholes and other defects on roads, pavements and tracks cycle paths.

South Gloucestershire is renowned for innovation and technology and reflecting that reputation, two years ago the council signed the government’s Local Digital Declaration, committing us to deliver digital projects that can benefit our communities. Sharing knowledge and expertise with other councils and tendering for dedicated project funding is paying off. For example, our digital library services are ranked in the top ten tips for e-book, e-magazine and e-audio installations.

This week the Council’s StreetCare team launched our new digital system for people to report issues and concerns in their community, such as potholes, damaged roads, sidewalk or cycle path surfaces. , worn road markings, empty gravel pits and similar issues. Once submitted, reports are directed within moments to a StreetCare colleague for investigation or, if serious, for urgent resolution.

This digital innovation makes it quicker and easier for users to report issues. The new technology is also more efficient, reducing the time we need to assess, prioritize and perform road and trail maintenance.

There is one critical factor to ensure that the benefits of this innovation are realized; people are playing their part in reporting potholes and other issues in their community. If you see a pothole or other problem, please report it via our website indicating the location for us on a digital map and taking a photo, if necessary. We will keep you updated on the investigation and resolution of the issue via your South Gloucestershire Council online account.

For those unable to log in, you can of course always contact us by telephone on 01454 868000 to report any issues.

In the near future, we expect people to be able to report more issues using our new system so that we can resolve them quickly, such as blocked pipes or broken streetlights. Technology and innovation are constantly evolving, and the council is committed to developing cutting-edge digital technology to revolutionize how we deliver our services and how communities access them.

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