Lyndon McLeod wrote a series of books that reflected the Denver-Area rampage

A Colorado man who killed five people in a shooting that swept through the Denver area before being shot by police, reportedly wrote self-published books that reflected the rampage.

Lyndon McLeod, 47, started the party by killing Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado, 35, and Alicia Cardenas, 44, just before 6 p.m. Monday night at the Sol Tribe Tattoo and Piercing in Denver, according to the local point of sale CBS4. Jimmy Maldonado, Cardenas’ husband, was also shot but survived and was taken to a hospital in the area where he was placed in intensive care, KDVR Reports. Cardenas owned the salon.

McLeod then broke into a house near Lakewood where he chased a couple and set their van on fire, according to the Lakewood Police. From there he shot and killed Michael Swinyard, 67, inside his residence. McLeod then had a shootout with Denver Police before heading to Lucky 13 Tattoo in Lakewood where he shot and killed tattoo artist Danny “Dano” Scofield, 38 years old. McLeod went to the Hyatt House in Lakewood where he shot Sarah Steck, 28, while she was working at the front desk.

Near the hotel, McLeod exchanged gunfire with officers from the Lakewood Police Department (this department calls officers, not officers) when he shot an officer in the abdomen. The agent, who survived, retaliated and killed McLeod.

The shooter knew four of the five victims, some through personal connections and others through business connections, according to local media. CBS4. He did not know Steck but reportedly had problems with the hotel.

McLeod, a former tattoo shop owner, had apparently written a series of books alluding to such a massacre. the a three-book series, titled “Sanction,” featured a character named Lyndon McLeod pulling on a tattoo shop, a local shop 9 Reports. This shooting occurs in the second of three books at a tattoo store on Sixth Avenue in particular. The van fire occurred on Sixth Avenue. At one point in “Sanction Book 2”, Lyndon meets Unabomber Théodore “Ted” Kaczynski. Throughout the series, his character kills more than 40 people. The books were also reportedly filled with sexism, conspiracy theories and sexual assault fantasies.

At a press conference on Tuesday, police confirmed McLeod had been on their radar for some time. They investigated him in 2020 and 2021, but no charges resulted from those investigations.

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