Kyte – ‘Kyte’ (2009): Forgotten Series

Kyte provided excellent powerful, very melodic and instantly catchy pop that you’ll find yourself humming along to long after you’ve taken their compact disc out of the player. Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Kyte really reminded me of an amalgamation of the Raspberries/Beatles/Flaming Groovies with a hint of Scruffs, but that’s just to give you an idea of ​​what these very talented guys sound like.

“Golden Diggers,” the album’s upbeat, harmony-focused opener, set the tone for this self-titled LP. My favorite on the album, “Out of the Blue”, is a very melodic song that had been written all over the place. Lynch pinned by his infectious 1965 George Harrison-style guitar hooks with tight, soaring harmonies, I couldn’t get this fabulous song out of my head.

“Inner Film” is also another fantastic song that will stay in your head for a long time, with all its sounds and hooks from the “I Should Have Known Better” era. Just solid, fabulous rock’n’roll. The Beatles’ A hard day’s night-the influence of the time prevails in most of the Kytewith a few exceptions here and there.

‘Jewellery’, ‘Ultra Violet’ and the hard-hitting ‘Ill (Once Bitten)’ are, for example, modern rock fare and would not have sounded out of place on any modern college radio station at the time. So you get a good mix of sounds here for those worried that it’s all retro rock.

“Club Alexander” is another standout melodic rocker that’s radio-ready for any rock or Top 40 station. “Danny’s Right” slips right into Revolver mode with a “Taxman-like” rhythm and melody, and a rising Raspberry-style voice. The ‘Sexy, Sexy Thing’ optimist brags about being embittered To help-Period voice and added organ that gets the blood pumping in this tale of female lust versus religious guilt.

“Instant Needs” is another rock-solid pop track that almost carries a Monkees vibe. Very cool. “Albatros 2002” could be an update of “Albatross” by Fleetwood Mac, with a voice à la John Lennon. At least it looks like it to me. A very beautiful soft melody. The mid-tempo Badfinger/Beatles “Peacemaker” was Kyte’s debut music video and another song worthy of a single.

Leading man and vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Marcus Bohm leads this tightly-harmonized four-man band, alongside bassist David Janson. Drummer Jonathan Brynteson powers the tunes very well and original guitarist Mikael Nilsson provided the majority of melodic fill before leaving the band. Marcus took the lead on three tracks. New lead guitarist Simon Alderborn added some of the rock-solid harmonies on a few tracks.

Kyte was a solid debut album from a very promising band. In fact, I called them the best new band of 2008. Alas, they didn’t last long: Bohm went on to form Hazy Weekends.

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