Kesha talks about a new paranormal series on Discovery +

Discovery+ is on a mission to grow its paranormal content, and with Conjuring Kesha, the streaming platform is bringing a Grammy-nominated pop star with it.

Starting Friday, July 8, fans can follow Kesha’s journey as she explores myths, legends and haunted places, often joined by her famous friends. The first two episodes will air on July 8, and new episodes will debut every Friday until August 5.

Kesha says her dive into the supernatural was sparked by “my insatiable curiosity, my eternal search for something greater than myself.” She even has a podcast (Kesha and the creepies), and credits her with starting her on her quest to prove or disprove the unexplainable.

Over the six-episode season, Kesha and her celebrity guests will explore reported demonic activity, investigate a haunted opera house, and even go in search of Bigfoot (which seems to be a recurring theme this year on the Travel Channel and the Discovery+ series). ).

Conjuring Kesha – Courtesy Discovery +

Of course, Discovery+ ensures plenty of paranormal experts are on hand, so guests such as psychics Cindy Kaza and Chip Coffey, as well as Bigfoot expert Ronny LeBlanc will be helping out.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the first season of Conjuring Kesha, only on Discovery+:

Episode 1: Not Today, Satan (July 8) – Comedian Whitney Cummings joins Kesha in Tennessee as they investigate the notoriously haunted “Bloody Brushy,” a locked penitentiary where violent criminals were housed. It is here that Kesha manages to make contact with what could very well be a demonic presence.

Episode 2 Songs for the Dead (July 8) – Pop star Betty Who and Kesha, still in Tennessee, explore Antoinette Hall, a historic opera house. There, they encounter aggressive entities.

Episode 3: A Terrifying Truth (July 15) – Kesha and rapper/actor GaTa visit the spooky Westerfield House in San Francisco, where the ghost of Harry Hodini is said to reside. Also the site of an unsolved murder, the Westerfield House gives the two paranormal explorers a run for their money.

Episode 4: Into Bigfoot’s Lair (July 22) – Kesha takes Jojo Fletcher with her to Mount Shasta, which has the dubious honor of holding the record for the most missing persons cases of any US national park. Bigfoot expert Ronny LeBlanc joins them in hopes of laying eyes on the big guy himself.

Episode 5: Kesha Faces Mortality (July 29) – Supermodel Karen Elson is the special guest star in this episode, which delves into the legend of a notorious secret society known as the Odd Fellows. Paranormal activity kicks into high gear as the women investigate the lodge of the Odd Fellows.

Episode 6: Descent into Madness (August 5) – Kesha visits Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia, joined by rapper Big Freedia. Luckily, psychic Chip Coffey is also there when violent paranormal activity is stirred.

What do you think of Kesha’s new series on Discovery+? Give us your opinion in the comments section.

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