Jon Bernthal’s corrupt cop is the focus of the first We Own This City trailer

Jon Bernthal’s status as The Punisher in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains in limbo, but fans who want to see the King Richard actor in action, as well as those who enjoyed The Wire, may want to check it out. We Own This City.

Jon Bernthal should feel right at home with his role in We Own This City.

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HBO unveils the first trailer for We Own This City

In this six-part cop series from The Wire creator David Simon, Bernthal stars as a rogue cop in a show that will delve deep into the corruption rooted in the ranks of Baltimore’s best when the police decided to give the priority to mass arrests and drugs. prohibition to the detriment of their other law enforcement functions. The events of HBO’s upcoming show will be based on Justin Fenton’s non-fiction book of the same name.

With We Own This City set to premiere on April 25, HBO released a trailer spotlighting Bernthal’s character, Wayne Jenkins, as well as Nicole Steele’s Mosaku.

Given the current political climate and the talent involved in We Own This City, we can expect a lot of eyes to be on the show. The Wire is up there alongside Breaking Bad and Mad Men for ushering in a new era of television that isn’t afraid to tackle heavy-handed issues. Specifically, The Wire has for years praised the way capitalism is attacking working-class Americans, among other critical issues. We Own This City seeks to tackle an equally relevant issue that Simon should be home with, as he worked as a reporter and police reporter before moving on to writing books as well as TV shows.

Fans will only have to wait a little over a month to find out how well-received We Own This City will be.

We Own This City will be available on HBO Max and HBO cable TV on April 25.

In other news, HBO continues its push toward comic book adaptations. Earlier in February, HBO launched a second season of Peacemaker, bringing back John Cena and James Gunn, for a second time. Meanwhile, after the box office and critical success of The Batman, HBO has made the Colin Farrell-directed The Penguin spin-off official. Meanwhile, Pedro Pascal had a few words to share about the live-action adaptation of The Last of Us for the cable TV giant. Finally, HBO Max’s library of high-quality and entertaining streaming content is set to grow following a merger with Discovery Plus.

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