Interest free credit | Payday Loan Consolidation

Interest free credit | Payday Loan Consolidation

Interest-free wage credit is an opportunity that really exists. And this opportunity really gives us the option of borrowing money and returning it without any extra cost. We, from Little Eva, have for each of our new clients this proposal – getting a credit to a pay without interest.

What is this free-of-charge loan to Little Eva’s salary?

In Little Eva we offer a non-interest-paying credit to pay for customers who are first drawn by us. The first credit to us is 0% interest and 0 BGN fees – the amount to be returned within the chosen term is exactly the same received. An amount of between 50 and 400 leva may apply, and the return period may be between 5 and 30 days. What does this mean by example? A client applies for $ 400 and chooses a 30-day return period. His application is approved and he receives 400 leva. At any time during these 30 days he can repay his debt by paying exactly 400 leva. He does not owe any additional interest or fees – he returns as much as he has taken.

People regularly need to provide some extra funds to cover unexpected costs. Sometimes they can do so by borrowing from a friend, but sometimes they may fail. In these moments they can always turn to us. In addition to being able to get a payday loan, it will be a non-interest-free credit for which there will be no cost.

Why take a free-of-charge credit to pay just from Little Eva?

Why take a free-of-charge credit to pay just from Little Eva?


Loan credits are offered by many financial institutions. They are available under different conditions, for different dates and amounts. Non-interest-rate credit is, however, not available from any institution. But we, Little Eva, offer one. If you are wondering why you should take such a loan from us and why choose us as a whole – here are some good reasons:

  • The first reason is, of course, that you will receive the first non-interest-bearing credit – you will not have any extra cost for your debt.
  • You will receive service 7 days a week from our Customer Service Department – each of your questions will receive your answer.
  • You will be able to find information about your active credit at any time in your account on our site.
  • If you happen to be unable to repay your debt on time, you can take advantage of our options to extend your return period. What are the advantages of the extension, you can see here .
  • For further loans, you can now apply for larger amounts. How much and how much you can apply for, you can learn here .
  • Another advantage is that the application process is online and is more than easy . No guarantors are required, no need for unnecessary documentation, no contract of employment, no proof of income.

What can a Little Eva-free VV credit be used for?


In fact, using a credit to a non-interest-paying salary can be what you think. Some people may need the amount to cover their monthly bills. Others may have damaged something at home and need repair or purchase directly on such a new item. Third, they may be pleasantly surprised by the arrival of their favorite music group in Bulgaria and want to buy a ticket for their concert. A loved one can have a birthday party or a special occasion, for which little extra money is needed. Or someone just wants to pamper by buying something for himself that he has long dreamed of, but the money has always stopped him.

Need for money and extra funds always appears at a time. It is important to know how this need can be overcome in the most convenient way. Interest-free Little Eva payday loan is certainly a good option for coping with the need for financial resources.