If SAF does not complete Series B, Vasco has a plan to secure the investment in 2022; to understand

The signing of the binding proposal with the American group, which will guarantee an investment of R$630 million over the next three years (another R$120 million in 2022), can take place at any time of the year without any precipitating factors. . But the bureaucratic process of converting the football division to SAF, which includes the transfer of player contracts to the new company’s CNPJ and other steps, must follow a rule established by the Brazilian Confederation: this cannot happen with the current competition.

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That is, in case Vasco Specifically, the club cannot begin to oppose Brazil Series B as Vasco Da Gama became, and in the middle of the tournament, Vasco SAF and without becoming a company, it does not there won’t be a percentage of the shares to sell until 777, so the money won’t come in. But the board has a plan to ensure the financial contribution even if the SAF is not approved before the start of Series B.

Roberto Dynamite, Josh Wonder and Stephen Pasco in Sao Janorio – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

In connection with the report, the Vasco I mentioned the following:

“The law of the Saudi Club Federation does not limit the sporting succession of the club by the Saudi Football Association to a certain period of the season, and specifies that the replacement is carried out “without sporting prejudice” (Article 2, paragraph 1, 2). However, if it is not possible to activate the replacement after the start of the second division, the two parties will adjust the management of football through the contract from the final closure of the operation until the end of the current season.

In other words, the Vasco He usually takes care of the bureaucracy that requires the formation of the SAF, but he will leave the transfer of contracts for players and coaching staff after the end of the B series, such as defined by the Brazilian Football Confederation. The Club and 777 Partners can enter into an agreement with the proceeds going to Association Vasco da gamma at that first moment. In this way, the funds needed to conclude contracts and pay salaries are guaranteed.

In January, the CBF prepared a document with guidelines that clubs wishing to establish the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol must follow. a Vasco It corresponds to the second method of training the Sudanese Armed Forces, namely:

  • Mode 1: The original club turned into SAF.
  • Mode 2: Separate the football section from the original club and transfer its assets and rights related to football activity to the Saudi Football Association.
  • Mode 3: The initiative of a natural or legal person or an investment fund to set up a SAF.

Iran, Pedreiro’s Glove, Eating São Januaro Grass While Visiting Vasco

The document discusses the fees applicable to each form and how the SAF should be reported to the web administration of the CBF, for example. Regarding the registration of athletes and coaches, he stated the following:

“It will be up to the club to establish the sports links of athletes and coaches in the system under SAF registration, in order to accelerate the relevant publications in the IDB CBF. Fees applicable to the registration or transfer of athletes into the Common Border Force will not be charged in this case.

This process, which only applies to method 2, must necessarily be carried out in a period when the club is not playing domestic competitions, bearing in mind that athletes will only be able to play for the club in the SAF format after completing the procedure described above. in the web management system.

It should be noted that the above period corresponds to the question of the registration of athletes and coaches for the benefit of the club in the form of SAF in the system. Any changes to Sharjah Art Foundation membership, including the entry of investors, may occur at any time.

Last month, the Rio de Janeiro State Football Association (FARG) also edited its version of the document adding that before the formation of the SAF, “All outstanding debts shall be settled in the name of the original club.”

Elected officials vote on Thursday

my advisors Vasco It meets Thursday, at 7:00 p.m. (Brasilia time), at the headquarters of Nautica da Lagoa, to vote on the inclusion of SAF in the club’s statutes.

The main discussion will focus on the possibility of adding an appendix to the text of Article 4, which states that a club may, “by decision of the Council of Deliberations, which will establish the applicable rules, find branches in other parts of the national territory”. territory, for the same purpose specified in this Statute”.

The proposal is to include the following text:

“The club may participate in associations or associations, in particular the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF-Vasco), in the manner provided for in this statute, in national legislation and in the regulations of national and/or international sports administrative entities, provided that it is approved by the deliberation office, and that the quorum is verified for the fixing, with half more. one of its members, deliberating by two-thirds (two-thirds) of the favorable votes.

Other points of interest for SAF will also be discussed, such as the entry of the club president to the board of directors of SAF and the impossibility for any employee of the club to exercise a remunerated function at SAF without five years after his departure. Office. Headquarter. center.

The notice of appeal proposes a total of 11 amendments to the bylaws, ranging from changing text to including entire paragraphs. The purpose of next Thursday’s meeting is precisely to avoid any possibility of judicialization and to explicitly authorize the formation of SAF from the Republic of Macedonia. Vasco.

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