I love my life – Pep Guardiola happy at Manchester City

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is happy at the club and not only motivated by the Champions League victory.

Guardiola is entering his seventh season in charge of the Etihad – his longest spell at a club as a manager – and with four Premier League titles, an FA Cup and four League Cups, City have dominated the domestic scene.

But success in Europe has eluded them, with just one race to the final, and the only trophy they haven’t won is the most talked about one.

Guardiola, who has won the Champions League twice with Barcelona, ​​says he has no “obsession” with it and it has no bearing on his staying in the job.

Pep Guardiola has won the Premier League four times with City (Martin Rickett/PA)

“I’m still sitting here because we won,” he said of his longevity at City.

“If we didn’t win, I wouldn’t be sitting here. I didn’t win, we won together. Most of the time I’m here in these facilities, for many hours, and then I go home. I love my life.

“Everything is fluid, if there were problems I wouldn’t be here for seven years. I’m happy here and if I don’t stay it’s not because I want to move. It’s because I’m going to move. stop and take a break.

“It’s not about the Champions League. My life doesn’t depend on it, I would like to do it, it’s not an obsession.

“It’s a dream or a goal, but I’m aware of the quality of the opposition and the difficulty of the competition. Maybe people don’t believe me and think I’m looking for an excuse, but I didn’t come here to win the Champions League.

“They didn’t ask me, of course they want to. I’m the first to want it. It was the same with Munich.

“Every season I want to win the Champions League and I don’t feel like a failure when we haven’t won it at Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

“At the same time I’m not the master of the universe when I win it. I won’t leave in 11 months if we don’t win the Champions League. We want to try to do it but that won’t be the reason.

Guardiola says his motivation for staying at City is to improve the team and, despite collecting trophies over the years, believes the club can still improve.

“Improving the team and improving myself is the main reason I’m still here,” he said.

Pep GuardiolaCity lost to Liverpool in the Community Shield last week (Joe Giddens/PA)

“I’m sad because we lost the Community Shield, but mostly because we didn’t play as well as we could.

“The only thing I’m here for is to make the team play better and the individual players better. Nothing is forever, not even this team which has done a lot of good things in recent years. years.

“Everyone knows inside this club that we have won four Premier Leagues in five years, it’s extraordinary. We can improve on it.

“Otherwise, if I feel that with the players I have I can’t take the next step, we can do better. That’s the only reason I’m here.

“I won’t leave here if we don’t win the Premier League, if we don’t win the other trophies. I know losing tournaments is more normal than winning.

“It will happen sooner rather than later. It’s been like that, since the first day I started with the second team at Barcelona.

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