Gotham Knights Seems To Be Released For PS5, Xbox Series X/S Only

A listing from the Taiwanese rating board suggests that Gotham Knights may skip last-gen consoles and only release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

An entry on the Taiwanese grading board seems to suggest that Gotham Knights will only launch on PC, PS5and Xbox series X/S platforms, effectively skipping last-gen hardware. Gotham KnightsDC FanDome 2020’s world premiere trailer didn’t elaborate on release plans for the platform, but most viewers assumed it would count as a cross-gen title given the then-imminent launch of PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Publisher WB Games has since clarified the air, however, with the game’s official website currently carrying logos for both last-gen and current-gen platforms.

WB Games originally planned to launch the new title in 2021. However, the need for more production time from developer WB Games Montreal has significantly delayed the long-awaited project. Her fall due date now seems set in stone much to the delight of many fans. Not since 2013 Batman: Arkham Origins Did the Montreal development team win a AAA title, but the team isn’t playing in the backyard of Rocksteady Studios this time around. Instead, Gotham Knights takes place in its own universe, totally separate from the events of the Batman: Arkham series.


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A list since deleted on the Taiwanese rating board, relayed by twisted voxelonly mentioned the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Gotham Knights. The assumption, though tenuous, is that WB Games’ next major DC-branded title won’t launch on last-gen consoles. Such a move would mean dropping the PS4 and Xbox One iterations towards the end of development, as they were previously announced and remain listed on the official site. Gotham Knights website.

Batman Nightwing Gotham Knights

As the ninth generation of consoles continues, cross-gen titles will undoubtedly become less and less common. If the speculation turns out to be correct, it will be interesting to see how WB Games goes about justifying its abandonment of last-gen in favor of a current-gen version just for the long delay. Gotham Knights.

If nothing else, Taiwan’s ratings board listing suggests the Bat-family starring title remains on track for its late 2022 launch. Absence of Batman. Notably, Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl, Tim Drake’s Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood star in the all-new adventure, which features the secret society Court of Owls as the main antagonist. Other notable Batman villains have also been confirmed to take part in the tale, including The Penguin and Mr. Freeze. What role these two, in particular, will play in the overall narrative currently remains to be seen.

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Gotham Knights should be coming to PC, PS4, PS5Xbox One and Xbox series X/S October 25.

Source: (via Twisted Voxel)

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