Fast Loans \ Credit Consolidation

Fast Loans \ Credit Consolidation

If you need quick credits up to 4000 leva, you will find on this page several offers for easy and urgent loans, even with online applications. Some of them are getting money within minutes of approval on the same day, with an ID card only.

In order to efficiently and efficiently perform their fast track credits, we need to carefully assess their size, examine the terms and conditions and their financial redeemability.

1. Feratum

  • Fast online loans up to 4000 leva
  • Fast approval – up to 5 minutes .
  • Clock-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 3-day grace period for repayment of the loan.
  • You can get the money today – up to 10 minutes after approval.
  • You can apply from a computer, iPhone, tablet, laptop, and any other device with Internet access.
  • Feratoum also offers interest – free loans – every first payday loan has a 0% interest rate.
  • One of the fastest online money on a loan.
  • Possibility of extending the term of the loan.

2. Help Credit – Plus

  • Amount of BGN 400 to 5 000, repayment term from 3 to 36 months.
  • Absorption – within 1 business day.
  • Application conditions: At the age of 18, live in the country, have permanent income, mobile phone, email address and good credit history.
  • Required documents for application: request, copy of ID card, income statement / employment contract, salary slip, annual tax return / and bank account.
  • The amount of interest can be calculated by providing a credit calculator.
  • There are no fees for early repayment, interest is due only for the period of use.
  • There is an application fee.
  • You can get credit from the company even if you have another loan as long as it is serviced.
  • You can extend the term of the loan against payment of a deferral fee three days before the due date.
  • More information and answers to additional questions can be answered by calling the national telephone.

3. Easy Money – Isi Max

  • Fast loans up to 4000 and up to 5,000 leva at preferential levels of cost.
  • It is intended for working people who receive within the month advance and salary.
  • Apply online or credit over the phone – via the national phone, you can do it an unlimited number of times.
  • Credit collateral – two guarantors who have to meet certain requirements / to work on a permanent contract with a net monthly remuneration of not less than BGN 1 000, to be paid social security contributions, not to be guarantors of other loans, themselves have no credit to the company, have a good credit history (or bank guarantee). If you do not provide a security, you pay a penalty.
  • Fixed annual interest rate that is not subject to change.
  • Serving in the comfort of your home, at your specified location, the payment installments are collected – door to door service.
  • Repayment is through two-week contributions – 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24 or 26.
  • You can cancel a contract within 14 days without giving any reason without due compensation or penalty.
  • You can repay the loan early, the interest and fees are due only for the period of their use.
  • For loyal customers there is a program with special bonuses.

4. Cash Box – CashBox for You

4. Cash Box - CashBox for You

  • The maximum loan amount is 5 000 BGN, the amount of the loan depends on what your insured income is. In order to receive credits up to BGN 4000, you must be guaranteed from the amount of BGN 200 to BGN 2,500.
  • You register one time, choose a size and repayment period, send an online credit request, receive an email contract, sign up electronically and receive money in a bank account.
  • Allowance conditions – your basic income is from a salary, to ensure that you have a payment of not less than the loan, have social and health insurance contributions paid to the NSSI and a good credit history.
  • Collateral for the loan – guarantor / to work on a labor contract for at least 12 months with a minimum gross income of BGN 1,200 to have a good credit history / until the end of the business day following the day of signing the loan agreement. If you do not present a guarantor, a penalty is charged.
  • There are no additional costs and fees.
  • You can pay the loan early without any penalties.
  • If you have difficulty, there is a possibility to restructure the loan.
  • You may receive an official document – a certificate of a completed contract and a lack of obligations.

5. And a loan

  • 100 to 5 000 BGN, repayment term from 1 to 24 months.
  • Conditions for granting: Bulgarian citizens at the age of 18 with permanent income and permanent address registration.
  • Applying with an online application, you receive a statement within the working day, the money you receive from a company’s office in cash.
  • You choose the amount and the amount of the loan according to your options.
  • Credit collateral: two guarantors / to work on an indefinite employment contract and no overdue liabilities / or a bank guarantee from a licensed bank.
  • Fast loans up to 4000 and up to 5000 BGN with fixed interest rates for the entire loan period can be checked with the credit calculator.
  • There are no fees for applying and viewing the documents, no hidden fees and commissions.
  • Individual and professional attitude, it serves a personal credit consultant.
  • Repayment installments are equal – fast online loans in monthly installments or weekly. They are collected from the borrower’s home. You can pay by bank or office.

6. Express Credit

Quick Loans in Sofia , up to BGN 5,000 if you are a first-time customer for up to 800 leva, repayment term – up to 1 year.

Approval up to 2 hours.

Necessary documents: a loan offer, a copy of the ID card and a statement, an application by email or in an office.

The contracts are concluded in an office or in a meeting with a commercial representative. Easy Loans – You receive the money at the office of the company, by bank transfer or at Easypay.

You get a document with each payment.

The repayment of these fast loans up to BGN 4,000 is for weekly, fifteen-day and monthly installments.

7. Profi Credit

Another option for those who are looking for fast loans up to BGN 4,000 – a fast loan of 100 to 5,000 leva, with a repayment term of 4 to 24 months.

Conditions for granting: You are a Bulgarian citizen or a resident of the country, you have at least 18 years of age and a valid identity card until you have an official proof, a regular income from a labor or civil contract, or from a pension.

Free personal consultation, apply online, by phone or in an office.

Emergency Loans – answer within 24 hours if you have purchased a package of additional services.

You get the money in a bank account after signing the contract.