Fake Klay banned from Chase Center for shooting the ground

You might remember Big Daws, the YouTube personality who became popular among basketball fans for bearing a striking resemblance to Klay Thompson. Daws, whose real name is Dawson Gurley, would throw a complete Thompson Warriors get up, go to games and walk past the camera because he looks exactly like Golden State’s star wing.

Ahead of Game 5 on Monday night, Daws tweeted that he attempted to attend the game but was instead banned for life from Chase Center.

Daws then explained exactly what happened. Prior to the game, while dressed in his Fake Klay outfit, Daws broke through five levels of security, stepped onto the Chase Center floor, and began shooting. There is also a video of him being shot.

We’ll eliminate the obvious and say he’s got a nice sweater. Anyway, Daws tweeted a letter he received from the Warriors stating that he is “banned, indefinitely, from attending any future NBA, WNBA, G League or 2K League games, or any concert and/or event held at the Chase Center”. There are also threats that the team could pursue criminal trespassing charges.

That said, Daws tweeted that because he got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’s definitely worth the bother.

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