Every Main Character In The Star Wars Series, Ranked

the star wars animated series The bad lot, created by Dave Filoni, was an almost immediate success upon its release. With the same animation style as The Clone Wars, The bad lot follows the lives of a group of modified Clone Commandos called Clone Force 99, colloquially referred to as the “Bad Batch”, who perform special missions that regular Clone Troopers would not be capable of and which incidentally were introduced in The Clone Wars‘s season 7. Every member of Clone Force 99 is flawed in some way; genetically engineered to have more skill in a combat area, from physical strength to accurate shooting, they each bring something to the table.

Each member of the Bad Batch is a clone of Jango Fett, but each clone has their own unique modifications, making each clone different and individual, both in skills and physical appearance. From Wrecker’s enormous physical size to Tech’s incredible ability to perform calculations at alarming rates, the main cast members are truly a sight to behold. With The bad lot being renewed for a second season on Disney+, it’s only fitting that we watch this masterpiece and admire the main characters. It’s every main character in The bad batch class.

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6 Reticle

A fearsome sniper with exceptional stealth skill, Crosshair is a member of the Bad Batch until his inhibitor chip kicks in. As much as his comrades try to help him, Crosshair no longer controls his actions. Crosshair soon ends up being the main antagonist of the series, forced to follow all the Empire’s orders and lead the hunt for the Bad Batch. This betrayal weighs on every member of the Bad Batch as they lose one of their own to the Empire. While Crosshair’s time on the good side is short-lived, we still see his talents flourish, making him an equal foe for the Bad Batch.

5 Echo

A familiar name for fans of The Clone Wars, the big reveal comes as it is shown that while Echo may be dead, he was resurrected and “repurposed” to become a member of the Bad Batch. What makes Echo unique is that he isn’t actually alive, which he often uses to his advantage to impersonate a droid. Not only is her appearance on the show a nostalgic reminder of The Clone Warsbut adding Echo to the Bad Batch connects The Clone Wars and The bad batch in a way that nothing else could. Needless to say, resurrecting this beloved character was a great decision.

4 Technology

True to his name, Tech excels in all things tech, including finding a machine that will remove their inhibitor chips and prevent them from falling under the spell of Order 66. With his incredible knowledge and his data analysis skills, Tech has the most to do. say when it comes to battlefield tactics and strategy, weighing each result and coming up with the best route for the party to follow at incredible speed that rivals that of a droid. Tech’s skills may not seem very physical, but he is a valuable asset to the team as he helps them with their planning and strategy, key to their success on the battlefield.

3 Tow truck

Wrecker is pure brute force, blessed with incredible strength and a love of explosives. While Wrecker may seem intimidating, he’s actually a big softie on the inside, holding a special place in his heart for Omega. While Wrecker’s physical strength is certainly something to be reckoned with, Wrecker isn’t the smartest member of the team. Wrecker’s allegiance to the group is threatened when his inhibitor chip begins to activate, and he finds himself struggling with what he feels compelled to do versus what he knows is right. Many fans attributed this to its physical size advancing chip activation, a problem that was eradicated when removing their chips.

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2 hunter

Bearing a striking resemblance to John Rambo of Rambo is Hunter, the leader of the Bad Batch. Hunter not only has a natural talent for keen observation and an increase in his natural hunting senses, but he also fulfills his leadership role with ease. He bridges the gaps and makes peace when group members clash, always deciding what is best for their group. Hunter is a precise warrior and a compassionate leader, making him one of the best characters in the main cast. Obviously many fans were devastated that Hunter could have died in the 15th episode of the first season, but luckily he survived and we have more of his leadership to look forward to.

1 Omega

Omega is a small child whom The Bad Batch encounters on Kamino, and although they are confused by his presence, they pay him no attention. Omega has been sheltered his entire life, having almost no freedom as the Kaminoans insist on observing him. Omega decides to take her life into her own hands and sides with The Bad Batch, but before they can get her home, Order 66 breaks out, throwing everything into chaos. While much of Omega’s persona is still a mystery, it’s clear that Omega isn’t just powerful on her own, but truly is an outsider whose full power is unknown, living up to her name.


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