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Bmw The latest 4 Series offering is well documented as being at odds with the brand’s biggest and most obnoxious double kidney grille to date, the M4 and M3 received the same treatment, and the G80 and G82 generations. received almost unanimous praise for the vehicle’s engineering prowess.

With 473 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 4.1 seconds while keeping the driver in relative comfort and luxury, it’s a sure-fire way to succeed, despite the controversial front fairing. The competition variation receives a power increase to just over 500 horsepower.

However, with an expected lifespan of between five and ten years, BMW’s latest offering is here to stay and will undoubtedly become a darling of the tuner scene with its angular design, modification potential and prestigious badge, it seems more than likely after all of its predecessors have done so.

Already a plethora of more powerful and aggressive M3 and M4 have hit the market with some projects like Aulitzky promises more than 800 hp. Fast cars that can go even faster are part of the course, and many can easily become mundane. One concept artist who has already grown weary of essentially unnecessary power changes is Bradbuilds, who recently unveiled their 4-Series-based off-road motorhome.

The concept from Bradbuilds shows off the off-road potential of the BMW coupe.

Rally potential

Bradbuild M4

Via: @Bradbuilds Instagram

Bradbuilds kept the appearance of the car intact, avoiding the addition of rally style lights, large bodies to protect the car body or any sort of undercarriage. That leaves the M4-based renderer with its iconic quad exhaust setup, but how long they would stay tied up on an off-road trail or climbing over a rock is unknown. To increase the car’s off-road capabilities, Bradbuild increased the car’s ride height and gave it big, unbranded off-road tires.

It makes it look like a modified car from a video game. BMW M cars are no stranger to rallying. Speed ​​Hunters wrote about the E30 M3“Compared to the E30 M3’s immense success in touring cars around the world, its rally career in Group A has not been so impressive. In the World Rally Championship, it won only one event out of 48 entered with only 41.7% finish rate, “however, the E36 is no stranger to dirt roads either.

To finish off the off-road credentials in the rendering, the car has a full roll bar and, in appearance, a different type of bucket seat than those fitted at the factory. Bradbuilds subtly badged their project with a single brand tag below the M4 badge.

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An unexpected turn

Bradbuilds M4 rear view

Via: @Bradbuilds Instagram

The protrusion of the rear is a special creation that surely serves to ruin the aerodynamics of the car, a rear cabin. At Bradbuilds Instagram AccountThey write, “Carrying a bed, kitchenette and a pair of solar panels,” the aft cabin is well-equipped, although the designer did not provide any designs for public consumption. But that seems likely, given that the cabin is not only higher than the coupe’s low roof, but also integrated into the rear seat area of ​​the BMW.

The aft cabin has three portholes, two on the left and one on the right; while being finished in a shade of gray different from the rest of the vehicle, it features a raw, utilitarian aesthetic that contrasts with the lowered widebody renders of the BMWs, which are the most popular. Bradbuilds acknowledges this writing, “Considering with all the widebody variations of this car already released, something different would be nice.”

In another break with the traditions of the concept design fan community, the car is dirty; in the photo in a desert scene along the rear fender, the big tires lifted up some sand, showing that this car is serious. However, Bradbuilds does not operate a manufacturing facility workshop, so their concept will not see production.

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It’s mechanically possible

Bradbuild M4

Via: @Bradbuilds Instagram

Bradbuilds’ Instagram account has 497,000 followers to which they post regular, high-quality renderings. Accounts like this are not uncommon, after all the tuning scene is huge.

Bradbuilds stands out for its knowledge of mechanics, with a Youtube channel in the same vein as Taverish or Hoovies Garage, they document their project cars which include a Junkyard Datsun 240Z, a Subaru WRX Hatchback and a RAM 1500 truck. Working on the restoration of these vehicles is proof that their work is rooted in the reality, unlike so many extravagant fans who came up with concepts and designs.

With that in mind, the 4 Series based motorhome would hopefully be mechanically possible. Endurance racing has long been a testing ground for BMW, most recently with the M6 ​​GT3. The motorcycle division of BMW produced bikes with Dakar in their name, inspired by the famous rally.

The BMW F650 Dakar is one of the brand’s most popular off-road motorcycles. The “Dakar Edition” was a name given to a sand-colored version of the E92 M3, but don’t be fooled by the rugged name, it had little to no off-road potential with the 4.2-liter V8 sending out all its power to the rear wheels. It’s unlikely, but maybe an M car could enter the Dakar rally and reign victorious, just like the Porsche 959 did in the Group B era.

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