Deepcool FC120 series launched 120mm ARGB fans that can be daisy-chained

Deepcool has announced the FC120 series of 120mm ARGB fans, which enables daisy chaining. The product line includes a single model and a 3-pack, with the 3-pack available in white color versions.

High airflow and static pressure are achieved by combining a special fan blade designed to concentrate airflow with a small frame that maximizes blade space. In addition, the longevity of the fan blades is increased through the use of polybutylene terephthalate, which has exceptional strength and rigidity. In addition, power supply and ARGB signal transmission can be realized with one wire. Additionally, up to four fans can be daisy-chained, reducing the number of cords in the chassis.

FC120 WHITE-3 IN 1 Fan RPM is 500-1800 rpm 10%, air volume is 61.91 CFM, static pressure is 1.83 mmAq, sound level is 28 dBA, the rated current is 0.13A, the power consumption is 1.56W, and the bearing is smooth rolling. External measurements are 120mm wide, 120mm high, 25mm thick and 164g weight (per piece). The product comes with a one-year warranty.

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