Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio explains how the series helps fix Karate Kid III

Karate kid star Ralph Macchio has never been a fan of the franchise’s third film, which pitted his Daniel LaRusso against John Kreese and a wacky new villain named Terry Silver. The Karate Kid Part III has always been a hotspot for fans and Macchio, so it may come as a surprise that the acclaimed sequels series Cobra Kai watched this film to frame its fourth season. Thomas Ian Griffith took over the role of Terry Silver for Cobra Kai Season 4, and the result was actually wonderful, fans loved his comeback decades after rejecting the character’s initial debut.

Macchio played in the top three Karate kid films and now directs Cobra Kai alongside William Zabka. He’s as connected to the franchise as anyone could be. Although he was never a big fan of Karate Kid III, Macchio understands how Cobra Kai was able to use the story for good, turning it into something people love.

“I was not a fan of the way the Karate Kid III came out, “said Macchio Hollywood journalist. “I felt the story was just repeating itself and not a character transfer for the end of LaRusso. And from a production standpoint, it was written one way and then edited another way. . parts of the character that I didn’t embrace as well as the original and the first sequel. I don’t put them at the top of my resume.

“However, he informs Cobra Kai going forward, clearly with season four. It gives us so many stories. And what is so wonderful about Cobra Kai series, the creators find ways to take that story and let it evolve and come up with stories for characters that could have barely been written. “

Macchio went on to explain how the change in tone from the Karate kid movies at Cobra Kai helped make the whole Terry Silver story work. Terry’s exaggerated behavior didn’t work in Karate Kid III, but it’s perfect for Cobra Kaiapproaching.

“There is a larger than life element to Cobra Kai. When you break it down, it’s kinda ridiculous – but that’s why it’s so much fun, “Macchio continued.” So you take a character like Terry Silver for this show, with these larger-than-life elements and her relationship with Daniel, then adding those layers of complexity to her wickedness. And now it becomes a refined performance. On top of that, from Daniel’s perspective as an adult, we are now adding other issues and elements about his own children and students. It is remarkable that what I would call the flaws of the original franchise are now paying off 36 years later. “

What did you think of Terry Silver’s return in Cobra Kai Season 4? Let us know in the comments!

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