Christie’s and City College Center for The Arts join forces for auction

FAITH RINGGOLD (born 1930) Groovin’ High

Christie’s will present its first collaborative exhibition and silent auction to benefit the City College Center for the Arts titled 100 YEARS OF HARLEM: Resonating Around the World. The exhibit celebrates Harlem as a teacher and muse for diverse artists throughout time, featuring works by visual artists from Harlem and across the country.

The online sale, powered by Givergy, will be open for auction from March 26 to April 4, 2022, and works from the auction will be on simultaneous display at Christie’s New York. A percentage of the proceeds will go to contributing artists, with the remainder going to the City College Center for the Arts Youth Arts Empowerment Program, which provides free art workshops, performances and talks to more than 8,000 underserved youth in the Harlem community. .

The auction is curated by Omo Misha, a Detroit native who has built her practice serving galleries, cultural institutions and artists in Harlem, Greater New York and the Tri-State area. She has worked with the City College Center for the Arts as the curator of the Windows on Amsterdam Community Gallery since 2015 and recently directed the Irwin House of Global Art Center and Gallery in Detroit. His goal now is to connect these two great historical creative communities.

The sale presents thirty works by artists from twenty-four famous artists, including internationally renowned painters like Julio Mejia, a native of New Orleans, an artist of Latin and European descent who holds the title of the longest solo exhibition at the CACB; abstract expressionist Danny Simmons, who has been exhibited and collected around the world and uses his art and voice to strengthen artist enclaves in his native New York as well as Philadelphia; and, Donovan Nelson, a master portrait painter whose renderings of Ibo Landing tell the story of one of the greatest known revolts of enslaved Africans. International artist Tyree Guyton, best known for transforming his decaying Detroit neighborhood, has reimagined a two-block stretch of Heidelberg Street into an art-filled treasure trove, attracting an estimated 200,000 visitors each year from around the world. and adding over $3 million per year to the local economy. YUKAKO’s paintings, of Japanese origin and exhibited internationally, evoke the spontaneity of jazz, the harmony of lyric poetry and the naturalism of dance; and Faith Ringgold, 91, a celebrated artist, activist and City College of New York alumnus best known for her fiber art compositions, documenting her life and times in Harlem.

Investors Bank is serving as the presenting sponsor partner for the event, which will help the City College Center for the Arts strengthen its commitment to artists and the youth program. Kevin Cummings, President and CEO of Investors Bank, said, “We are grateful to be part of this creative and innovative event that serves our young people. One of the strengths of our philanthropy is arts and culture for young people, and Investors Bank has always been a long-standing supporter in this area. Investors Bank actively supports a wide range of non-profit organizations that make the arts accessible, and our experience has been that children are always curious, responsive and enthusiastic. We know that these programs spark individual interest and talent, but more importantly, they end up becoming the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the arts.”

Leah Kuttruff, Christie’s, Chairman, CSR Employee Initiative, comments: “Our corporate social responsibility program at Christie’s believes in the power of art. We aim to improve the communities in which we live and work, and to leave a lasting positive impact on society. . As we know, the past few years have not been the greatest for artists and arts institutions, and we are thrilled to partner with such an amazing local university and ensure that all proceeds go directly to the CCCA. and participating artists. »

Gregory Shanck, Managing Director of City College Center for the Arts, says: “Over the years, City College Center for the Arts has exhibited the works of countless visual artists in our Aaron Davis Hall Gallery and Windows on Amsterdam Community. Gallery. Some of these artists are well established and have exhibited around the world, while others are emerging and reflect a promising future. Many of these artists are represented in this exceptional exhibition and auction and I thank them for their participation. I am also grateful to Christie’s and our Corporate Sponsor Investor Bank for providing this photo which means so much to these artists and the CCCA community.”

Other artists in the sale include Francks Deceus, James Denmark, Uday Dhar, Noreen Dean Dresser, Lola Flash, Mira Gandy, Paul Goodnight, Stephanie Karen Gregory, Carl Karni-Bain (aka BAI), Julio Leitão, DH Caranda Martin, Jonathan Harris, Tomo Mori, Dawn Okoro, Charly Palmer, Larry Pierce, Jody Rasch and Grace Y. Williams.

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