Cherokee County Detention Center Renovation Completed

The 225,000 square foot Cherokee County Adult Detention Center was first completed in 2002 but recently underwent a renovation project that included the addition of more than 110,000 square feet space to meet the county’s growing needs.

Through the expansion, the Center acquired a 582-bed residential tower consisting of modular precast concrete cells with precast structural walls and floors, load-bearing CMU, and elevated cast-in-place concrete. 21-day rooms were specially designed for indirect surveillance from elevated control towers and three exercise yards. Additional renovations have taken place in the kitchen, staff dining room, laundry room, visitor areas, lobby and main control.

The existing kitchen has been extended to accommodate the increased number of meals to be prepared. The staff dining room has been given upgraded finishes to create a more pleasant environment. The main control room has been modified to increase the surveillance capabilities of the sheriff’s staff to view all movement inside the detention center.

Several previously unused areas have been reinstated, including the original main detention entrance which had not been used for years by staff and the public. The area was renovated and modified to become the new video visitation site, creating a safe and efficient way for visitors to speak with inmates.

Cherokee Adult Detention Center Modules Secure Area

New public restrooms for visitors, a secure checkpoint for sheriff’s staff to monitor visitor activity, 29 video visit stations, space for 22 additional monitors, and six video visit booths for private attorneys have also been added. been added.

CROFT provided the architectural design and construction administration services for the refurbishment/new service areas of the project. CROFT also partnered with Studio 8 on housing pod additions and led construction administration on the 117,000 square foot, 600 bed addition to the Cherokee County Jail.

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