Charmed Series Finale Features a Major Nod to the Original Series

The CWs Charm wrapped up its four-season run last week and as the show ended its own story, it did so with a surprising twist. The series wrapped it all up with an arc with a shocking final scene that tied the series to the original. Charmsuggesting that the new Charm and the original both exist as part of a larger multiverse, two stories in a larger magical world.

In the episode “The End Is Never the End”, after preventing a magical apocalypse and reuniting Inara with her sisters, the Charmed Ones series Mel, Maggie, and Michaela find a strange door bearing the triquetra. After a bit of thinking, the three walk through the door – on the other side is Halliwell Manor, the iconic home of the Charmed Ones in the original series. Finding no one at home and the door unlocked, the trio eventually enter with the doors magically closing behind them.

It was a huge moment for the show and according to show executive producers Jeffrey Lieber and Joey Falco, it was indeed the real Halliwell mansion, and the ending was something they had always wanted to do: put things right. in place as a Charm multiverse.

“We wrote and showed this episode before we knew the show was going to end,” Falco told TVLine. “We had known for months that there was a 50/50 chance that we would be canceled, so we wanted to end on something that could move forward but could also be a satisfying conclusion. We wanted to eventually tie these universes together. We were going to do it in a much bigger and crazier way at some point but since we knew there was a chance we would be canceled it was the perfect time when we felt compelled to do what we have always wanted to do – do it one Charm multiverse – but also ending in a hopeful and satisfying way that sums up everyone’s emotions.”

Lieber and Falco went on to say that if the show had moved on to a season 5, they would have tried to bring in actors from the original. Charm finished but did not actually start talks due to the uncertainty of a renewal. And as for that iconic house, while the porch scene was shot on a set in Vancouver, they ended up getting access to the actual house in Los Angeles that the original Charmed used to shoot exteriors.

“Well, there’s a story there: the three on the porch were shot in Vancouver. Our wonderful team built a [replica] from the porch,” Lieber said. “But when the pullout happens, it was shot in Los Angeles. This idea started with Joey, who suggested it as a way to end the season. We tried to get our hands on the house, but we couldn’t figure it out. We brought in a writer named Adam Lujan towards the end of the season, and when we were talking about our frustrations, he was like, “I know the guy, the owner of this house!” Two hours later, we had access to it. It was fantastic.”

What do you think of the Charm final? Were you happy that he established the Charm multiverse and closed with a nod to the original series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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