Canceling loan is difficult, but it is super easy to do

Canceling loan is difficult, but it is super easy to do

Is Unsecured Loan Difficult or Easy?

Is Unsecured Loan Difficult or Easy?

Recently I have been reading some relevant information on the internet about loan and credit and found on a complaints site the outrage of an account holder for not being able to cancel the loan they had just made for the same line they had requested.

Really the dissatisfaction is not of few, surely many bank customers have complaints about some type of service barely provided or hampered at the time of requesting a cancellation . The most interesting are the ease of obtaining loans offered by banks, if you want to borrow money, the customer can access the Internet Banking and do without problems, you can borrow by phone on the hot line or super line of banks, in the ATMs of the agencies idem and also in the service stations, until loan by the Cellular or Smartphone, for that, just have credit or pre-approved limit, it’s all very, very easy.

But what happens when you want to cancel a credit operation because you missed the amount, term or did it by mistake, sometimes this can happen. Regardless of whether you have made the loan via internet banking , hotline, superline, hotline, “cash loan” or SMS, in case you want to cancel the transaction by the same means you requested, it will not happen , actually in any of these options it is possible to cancel loan.

In order to obtain a cancellation of the loan or to make a prepayment, the bank will request that the conclusion be made directly at the agency, in this case there is a great problem of obstruction, let us suppose that the system makes it impossible for the client to be able to cancel the operation on a Friday after the bank holiday or bank holiday, certainly the request could only be made on Monday, after three days, will there be no burden? Will be!

The first part of the story was to know that you would not be able to cancel by electronic means and that you would have to go to the agency to complete the cancellation transaction , the second part is you having to waste your time going to the agency, chaotic traffic and still expect the availability of the manager who will meet you, even if you are exclusive customer, if you have other exclusive customers waiting, you are no longer exclusive, queue up and wait the turn.

Leave your experience or comment on any situation that has passed or is passing when trying to cancel loan, it is very important for Internet users who are seeking or want to know the procedures for this request and what obstacles the banking systems impose and are common …

It is worth mentioning that there are other ways to cancel a loan. Many lenders and credit companies that allow you to carry out early cancellation of the loan or financing, also offer reduction in interest rates if you choose to make a portability to another bank for example.

It is important that you check all the data and information before hiring, analyze the contract, analyze if the type of loan chosen is according to the process, if there was no married sale, if the combination is in CET, all to avoid problems when canceling your loan.

In some institutions and loan modalities you may actually have a small headache to achieve cancellation. Good luck!