BMG NSK HPS spherical roller bearings for tough applications

BMG’s range of NSK high performance spherical roller bearings are ideally suited to operate in demanding environments including foundries, forges and die casting applications.

The NSK HPS range, which has a lifespan almost twice that of conventional bearings of the same size, also ensures reduced maintenance costs, substantial energy savings and reduced product design. The maximum limit operating speed of these spherical roller bearings has also improved by 20%.

“When rotating conventional spherical roller bearings, the sliding between the raceway and the roller causes fatigue, which eventually leads to chipping. To counter this, NSK has developed a special treatment on the surface of the outer ring which improves the traction of the rollers and controls the rotational speed of these rollers, ”explains Wayne Holton, Business Unit Manager, Bearings, Seals and seals, BMG. “This advanced technology, which has extended the life of these bearings up to twice that of conventional spherical roller bearings, also increases the dynamic load capacity of the bearings.

NSK also applies a special nitriding treatment to the cage surface which forms a thinner, harder and more uniform surface than conventional bearings. The maximum limit speed is dramatically increased and cage wear in tough operational applications is reduced.

HPS heavy-duty spherical roller bearings, available domestically from BMG, have bores from 40mm to 130mm. These bearings provide extended life, reduced maintenance and improved performance in heavy duty applications.

BMG’s specialist divisions have advanced technical skills to support the company’s commitment to apply technical knowledge and in-depth experience to maximize efficiency and profitability for each client.

The company has distribution and service agreements with some of the world’s most respected bearing manufacturers, including NSK, NTN, Timken, IKO and Rollix.

BMG’s extensive bearing portfolio is carefully selected for consistent quality controls, compatibility, standardization, reliability and extended service life.

The BMG team is committed to working closely with customers from all industries to investigate the source of bearing problems and provide cost-effective solutions for optimum machine productivity, extended system life and operational requirements. minimal maintenance.

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