A New HBO Comedy Series Will Pack Superhero Movies

It’s not uncommon to see a superhero so powerful that a bullet can’t go through his skin. Soon though, the whole genre will need such thick skin because Armando Iannucci is coming for them.

The man behind genre shows like Veep and Avenue 5 (season two when?), as well as similar satirical feature films Stalin’s death and In the loopjust scored a pilot order for a new HBO show titled Franchise. Directed by Sam Mendes (Skyfall, road to perdition), it’s a half-hour comedy set in the world of superhero franchise cinema. Jon Brown (Avenue 5, Succession) is the showrunner.

According to the deadline, Franchise follows a hopeful team trapped in the dysfunctional, absurd and joyful hellscape of franchise superhero moviemaking. If and when they finally make it to the light of day, the question they must face – Is this the new dawn of Hollywood or the last stand of cinema Is it a dream factory or a chemical factory?

So many moviegoers and filmmakers like to talk about how the rise of superhero movies over the past 15 years has marked the end of cinema as we once knew it. One would imagine that this idea must be at the heart of Iannucci’s show: what it might feel like to make films that the general public likes, but which you yourself might not like. Or how it might impact someone who feels like they’re responsible for changing the face of movie history one franchise sequel at a time.

Of course, this Franchise only has a pilot command means it may never see the light of day. HBO executives will have to watch the pilot and decide if they want to invest in more episodes. But the idea that Mendes is leading Iannucci’s biting humor into the world of superhero movies is too rich to ignore.

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