2021 TV Series Finals: “Lucifer”, “Superstore”, “Younger” and more

With over 80 shows completed this year, we’ve definitely said goodbye to many, many comedies and dramas in 2021. But not every one of them was meant to be a farewell, and even the ones that were haven’t always hit the mark.

Below, TVLine has collected more than a dozen foreseen series that have stood out – for better or for worse – over the past 12 months. Among our selections you will find several broadcast favorites like NBC Hypermarket and CBS ‘ Mum, a pair of CW superheroes and critical favorites Pose and PEN15. We have also selected the last hours of Shameless, the daring type, Lucifer and Wynonna earp – but is it a good thing? You just have to read to find out!

NOTE: THE FOLLOWING FINALS ARE NOT RANKED. Rather, the ratings chosen reflect how each TV show managed (or failed) to land successfully based on its respective runs. Also, as stated above, we did not note all final of only one series from last year, but instead chose a few selected series that ended on their own terms.

Scroll down to see which Finals made their mark on Team TVLine, then share your thoughts on the best (and worst) series approvals of 2021.

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