10 Most Powerful Hunters In The Series, Ranked By Strength

The action-packed manhwa series, Solo Leveling, is filled with powerful characters in different categories, ranging from hunters and monsters to monarchs and rulers. Among these four categories, monarchs and rulers stand out as the most powerful groups with their immense abilities and immeasurable power. However, that doesn’t mean hunters are weak; they are extremely powerful humans, some strong enough to “solo” dangerous S-rank dungeons with little or no assistance.

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In the various countries described in Solo Leveling, each of them has a unique power rating used to measure hunter abilities. With the exception of Dual Awakeners like Sung Jin-woo, Hunter rankings never change as they cannot increase their strength beyond what manifested when they first awakened. In Solo Leveling, some hunters are the most powerful, depending on their signature abilities and feats. Here are the ten strongest hunters that fit this category.


ten Cha Hae In

Classification S-rank Hunter
Abilities High Level Perception, Improved Strength, Improved Speed, High Level Swordsmanship

Chae Hae In, who worked as the Vice Master of the Hunters Guild, is one of Korea’s strongest hunters. A unique ability that Chae Hae In possesses is heightened perception; she can sense mana fluctuations and identify hunters based on their mana signatures even without looking at them. Sung Jin-woo, the protagonist of the manhwa, recognized her as stronger than even the master of hunter guilds.

This turned out to be true after killing twice the number of ants that Choi-Jong In defeated during the Jeju Island arc. Among Korean S-rank Hunters, Cha Hae In is among the top five.

9 Go to Ryuji

Classification S-rank Hunter
Abilities Improved strength, improved speed

Solo Leveling first introduced Goto Ryuji, a powerful hunter from Japan, during the Jeju Island Arch. Revered as Japan’s strongest hunter, his mere presence could intimidate powerful S-rank Korean hunters. Jeju Island.

Additionally, Goto Ryuji is one of the few hunters who can match the Ant King’s incredible speed. This same ant almost decapitated Cha Hae In, a powerful S-rank Hunter, so its power is not to be underestimated. Ryuji’s ability to even oppose the Ant King, albeit for a short time, makes him one of the Solo Leveling Most Powerful Hunters.

8 Youri Orloff

Classification S-rank Hunter
Abilities magic barrier

Yuri Orloff is a powerful S-rank mage from Russia. Although he stood no chance against the gate he was tasked with sealing, his other exploits make him an undeniably powerful hunter. Despite having a large ego, he was able to “easily” overpower two highly ranked Hunters from Goto Ryuji’s Draw Sword Guild without much effort.

Yuri Orloff is said to have cleared S-rank dungeons without any help. The fact that Yuri is powerful is impressive as his abilities fall under the Support-Type range. He can pretty much create barriers and seal his opponents. Other than this ability, little is known about Yuri’s other strengths.

seven Lennart Niermann

Classification S-rank Hunter
Abilities Charge, Enhanced Strength, High Level Perception

The German hunter, Lennart Niermann, is the guild master of the Richter guild. Lennart is revered as the 12th strongest fighter in the world. Although Lennart Niermann only fought once in the Monarch War Bow, he was able to put up a decent fight by creating explosions using a pair of gauntlets. Like Hunter Chae In, Lennart Niermann possesses heightened senses, sharper than most Hunters.

Lennart sensed Sung Jin-woo’s shadows, which most hunters never notice in the Guild Conference arc. Lennart Niermann has also been portrayed as an intelligent individual. Unlike most hunters who try to choose a meaningless fight with Sung Jin-woo, he tried to get on the hunter’s good side – a smart and practical decision.

6 Come on Gun Hee

Classification S-rank Hunter
Abilities Immense Strength, Immense Speed, Ruler’s Authority, Spiritual Body Transformation

At his peak, Go Gun Hee was the strongest S-rank Hunter in Korea, unmatched by most Hunters in this category. Despite his advanced age, Go Gun Hee was able to exude a powerful aura, strong enough to intimidate powerful hunters. Before being killed by the Monarchs, Go Gun Hee revealed his true power as a vessel of the Shard of Luminosity.

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In other words, Go Gun Hee possessed the power of a ruler – an outer pinnacle created by the Ultimate One. That’s quite the former Hunter’s rank above most Hunters in the series.

5 Christopher Roseau

Classification National Level Hunter
Abilities Immense strength, authority of the sovereign, transformation of the spiritual body

Despite being murdered by the Monarchs after being warned of his impending death, Christopher is able to rival any hunter in Solo Leveling, except for Thomas and Sung Jin-woo in a fierce battle. Christopher is among five national level fighters in Solo Leveling. Officially, he is the third strongest hunter in the series.

Bearing a similarity to Go Gun Hee, Christopher is a ruler’s vessel. He is also one of the few characters in the manhwa who can use spirit body manifestation, and this was revealed in his unsuccessful efforts to defeat the iron-bodied monarch.

4 Liu Zhigang

Classification National Level Hunter
Abilities Immense Strength, Immense Speed, Authority of the Ruler, Manifestation of the Spirit Body

In the world of Hunters, Liu Zhigang has many titles to his credit. He is the only seven-star fighter in China, which is compared to an SSS rank by Korean standard. As the strongest hunter in China, he also bears the title of “Hero of China”. Initially, before Sung Jin-woo’s rise, he was Asia’s strongest hunter.

One of Liz Zhigang’s greatest known feats is eliminating large numbers of monster ants on Jeju Island with little effort. Most likely, Liu Zhigang could have killed Beru if he had encountered him. Finally, Liu is a ruler’s vessel and therefore he can use the manifestation of the spirit body.

3 Thomas Andre

Classification National Level Hunter
Abilities Immense Strength, Immense Speed, High Level Durability, Spiritual Body Transformation, Ruler’s Authority, Physical Strengthening

The tall muscular blonde is one of the strongest fighters in Solo Leveling. Officially, Thomas André holds the title of the strongest Hunter of the Solo Leveling world. He is also the Guild Master of the Scavenger Guild and one of the few National Level Hunters in the series. Due to his large and imposing build, Thomas is commonly referred to as the “Goliath”.

The only fighter known to match or surpass him in raw physical power is Sung Jin-woo. Although Thomas was defeated by Jin-woo, he was able to stand against the Beast Monarch while using the Spirit Body Manifestation.

2 Sung Il Hwan

Classification S-rank Hunter
Abilities Stealth, Immense Strength, Immense Speed, High Durability, Ruler’s Authority, Spiritual Body Transformation

There is no official ranking for Sung Il Hwang; however, based on his combat exploits, it is clear that he replaces all hunters of Solo Leveling except Sung Jin-woo in terms of strength. Sung Il Hwan, Jin-woo’s father, has been trapped in an S-rank dungeon for a decade. Therefore, he gained most of his powers during this time. After escaping from the dungeon, he defeated S-rank Hunter Hwang Dong Su without much effort after threatening his family.

Moreover, Sung Il Hwan was able to single-handedly fight against the Ice Monarch and the Beast Monarch. As a ruler’s vessel, Il Hwan is able to use Spirit Body Manifestation and a host of other powerful abilities.

1 Sung Jin Woo

Classification S-rank Hunter/Shadow Monarch
Abilities Colossal Strength, Immense Speed, Shadow Extraction, Immense Shadow Swap Durability, Monarch Domain, Detox, Astralization, Acausality and more

Sung Jin-woo is the protagonist of Solo Leveling. Even though he is not officially recognized in the series as the strongest hunter, Jin-woo is above the level of all hunters and even monarchs in terms of powers and abilities. With the help of his mighty shadow army, he was able to conquer all the monarchs a second time after the rulers allowed his request.

As a necromancer, Sung Jin-woo possesses the ability to convert anyone he defeats, except monarchs, into his shadow soldiers. Coupled with many other exclusive abilities passed down from the Shadow Monarch, Sung Jin-woo is unquestionably the strongest character and hunter in Solo Leveling.

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