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what's relationship between bearing material and performance?

Bearing material choice in bearing performance has certain influence.

Special Bearings , Pulley bearings

Rolling bearing collar and roller, one side repeat suffer high contact pressure, one side for the rolling contact with sliding. Support system, a side with rings and the sides of the roller, or the one side sliding contact, side suffer pull and contractive force. Therefore, on the bearing collar, roller and maintain a frame of material, performance, important request as follows.

Rings, roller material of the requested performance: rolling fatigue strength high hardness resistant to the consumption of sexual high

Maintain frame material of the requested performance: size fixedness good mechanical strength

In addition, still need good workability. According to use different, and request the excellent resistance to impact, heat-resistant erosion resistance, good workability.

Rings and its roller material: rings and roller usually apply high carbon chromium bearing steel. Big local bearing, using the SUJ2 nichel JIS. Large bearings use SUJ3.

SUJ2 the chemical components in the world, as bearing with material has been normalized. Example: and AISL52100 (us), DIN100Cr6 (Germany), BS535A99 (UK) belong to the same metal.

Further need impact resistance of situations, as bearing material using chrome, chromium, nickel chrome MuGang MuGang, adopt permeability carbon quenching, make steel from appearance to the appropriate depth has a softening layer. With proper softening depth, fine organization, suitable hardness appearance and heart of hardness, than use charcoal bearing infiltration of bearing steel bearing has excellent resistance to impact, individual permeability carbon steel bearing made of chemical composition.

NSK implemented vacuum deairing with solved, so, used by material clean degree is high, oxygen little content, quality is good. Then take the appropriate hot solution, make bearings rolling exhausting volume life-time can progress.

The above, according to the special use nichel outside, still use excellent heat-resistance, high erosion resistance with good sex of stainless steel.

Maintain frame material: stamping maintain frame of material, using low carbon steel. According to use different, also use yellow copper, stainless steel plate. Cutting system maintain frame of material, using high strength brass, carbon steel, moreover also utilizes decomposition resin.