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Thrust Bearing Uses

  • Thrust bearings are a special type of rotary bearing that permit rotation between parts. They allow rotation between parts while allowing support to a high axial load. Manufacturers design the thrust bearing to work effectively in situations where high speed is needed under great amounts of force or load, while at the same time reducing friction. There are four main types of thrust bearings: roller bearings, ball bearings, magnetic bearings and fluid bearings.


  • Bearings are divided into two major classes, dependent on the effect that friction has on them. These two categories are rolling bearings, which include the ball and roller bearings, and sliding bearings, which are referred to as plain shaft bearings. Ball or roller bearings are designed to reduce rotational friction by providing smooth balls or rollers and a smooth inner and outer surface for the balls to roll against. With the sliding or plain shaft bearings, they support moving parts on a thin film of lubricating fluid and operate on the principle of smooth sliding surfaces. Friction is minimized as the contact surfaces in a bearing are separated by a film of lubricant, usually oil in the sliding bearings, or by rolling elements in the case of ball or roller bearings. Ball Bearings , Special Bearings , Pulley bearings

    Roller Bearing Uses

  • Roller bearings are the most common type of bearing. Roller thrust bearings are made of small cylindrical rollers arranged flat with their axes pointing to the axis of the bearing. Tapered roller bearings are composed of tapered rollers arranged in a manner so that their axes all converge at a single point of the axis of the bearing. This type is most commonly used in automotive applications like supporting the wheels of a car, usage in pairs to accommodate axial thrusts in both directions and also as radial loads.

    Ball Bearing Uses

  • Ball bearings or roller bearings are used in just about anything today. They are used in musical instruments, hard drives, roller skates. Fishing reels, rotary actuators, computers, flow meters, fuel control systems, rail cars, jet radars, semiconductors, robotic assemblies, X-ray tubes, model helicopters, spinners, drills, engravers, conveyors, garage door openers, water pumps, washing machines, air conditioners, fans, video game controllers, wing flaps, DVD/CD players, microwaves, ATVs, generators, satellites, scanners, waste compactors, milling machines, and many more applications employ these bearings.

    Radial Ball Bearings

  • The versatility and durability of radial ball bearings make them the most common and widely used bearing type. These type of bearings are designed for use in high-speed, high-precision applications for the agricultural and chemical industries. They are also found in variety of items, such as engines, motors, hand tools, fans and many more uses.