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How to Prevent the Causes of Thrust Bearing Failure

The thrust bearing is part of a vehicle transmission system. When the thrust bearing fails or does not work properly, it can cause problems for the vehicle. Preventing the failure of a vehicle thrust bearing can minimize problems and ensure the vehicle runs smoothly for a longer period of time.Ball Bearings , Special Bearings , Pulley bearings


  • Check the torque converter. According to GNT Type, when the torque converter has too much pressure on it, the converter will balloon and put pressure on the bearing. Checking and maintaining the torque converter will minimize the risk of too much pressure.

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    Get the thrust bearing alignment checked. Another potential problem with the thrust bearing that causes failure is misalignment. Having a regular check of the thrust bearing alignment will minimize the risks of alignment problems and prevent thrust bearing failure.

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    Lubricate the thrust bearing regularly. Inadequate lubrication results in wear and tear on the thrust bearing. Persistent inadequate lubrication can cause early failure of the bearing. By adding lubrication on a regular basis, the thrust bearing is protected from wear and tear.

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    Look over the bearing and make sure the shells are installed. When the thrust bearing is changed in a vehicle, the bearing shell is also changed. If the shell is not present, it results in problems for the bearing and ultimately failure. Always check that the shells are installed when the bearing is changed.