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The ball bearing vibration and noise issues

Ball bearing vibration is caused by contact with the Contact Characteristics of excitation, and thus affecting the characteristics of contact with the Contact FactorSuch as load, speed and bearing lubrication will affect the vibration characteristics.

Ball bearings bearing vibration noise is spread in the air by people feeling the results of the auditory system. Some China-made low-noise deep groove ball bearing vibration and noise of the sound pressure level and the level of foreign low-noise bearing considerable, but uniform sound pressure level of foreign bearing samples are quite consistent, while the bulk of domestic differential bearing samples, consistency difference; foreign sample the low proportion of abnormal sound.

Abnormal sound of ball bearings, a new ProblemIs an old problem. It is a new problem, because it is the vibration from low values in recent years bearing direction to the mute, bearing constantly improve the quality of the problems exposed in the process. It is an old problem, because early in the pursuit of low-vibration bearings are not demanding higher quality sound, but bearing abnormal sound is an objective, once the bearings reduce vibration value and stability to a certain level,the stand out of abnormal Sound.

My early detection of bearing vibration measuring instrument only valid values for this vibration parameters in testing qualified products, users still think that some of the bearings are different sound. This is because the measured RMS vibration and abnormal sound is not closely correlated. Bearing vibration RMS values reflect the pulse of the vibration is not sensitive, it only reflects the average level of bearing vibration, and can not effectively determine whether there is abnormal bearing noise, but the peak value of vibration acceleration level required by the technical requirements can limit the peak bearing vibration (noise) level for effective sub-file assessed abnormal bearing noise testing can play a normative role, it has good and reasonable and practical.

On most of the low noise, vibration and abnormal sound is bigger and so three different grades of bearings, their vibration peak from low to high in order: low-noise bearings, bearing an abnormal sound, vibration, bearing a large value . This shows an abnormal noise peak level of bearing vibration acceleration values in the low noise and vibration between the two large bearings. Thus, to evaluate the bearing vibration RMS sound abnormal high rate of false positives.