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The History of Ball Bearings

According to the New World Encyclopedia, Ball Bearings refers to a rolling mechanism or bearing device that uses balls for the main tenance and separation of the moving parts of the bearing. Ball bearings are typically used for the reduction of rotational friction, thus supporting the radial and axial loads. They are available in metal or plastic.

Special Bearings , Pulley bearings


  1. According to the New World Encyclopedia, ball bearings were found on the Roman Nemi ships constructed in 40 C.E. However, Patent Pending dates the intentional use of the concept back to 100 B.C., though it was not accessible for mass public production until the late 18th century.

    Types of Bearings

  2. Ball bearings are usually made of metal, though plastic bearings offer equal benefits, if not more. Plastic ball bearings, unlike metal ball bearings, are corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic and lightweight, asserts CLI Houston.

    The Bottom Line

  3. Ball bearings have existed for centuries, though the concept has improved significantly, providing the public with a larger array of options. Ball bearings are often used in auto mechanics and engineering.