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One Kind of Roller Bearings - Tapered Roller Bearing

Roller bearings is a very important category among all the different kinds of bearing products. Compared to ball bearings, they have higher radial load capacity. This kind has disadvantages, too. For example, they have a low axial capacity and higher friction under axial loads.

They can be future divided into cylindrical roller bearing, spherical roller bearing, taper roller bearing, etc. Among all these kinds, the third type is quite important. They can take large axial forces, besides, they are able to sustain large radial forces. They are composed of many parts such as the outer ring, inner ring, and roller assembly which contain the rollers and a cage. The non-separable inner ring and roller assembly is called the cone, while the outer ring is called the cup.

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This kind of product has a very long history. At the end of the 19th century, roller bearings came into being. Actually, it is in the year of 1898 that the famous bearing company called Timken was awarded a patent for the tapered roller bearing. And it is this product that makes the company become quite successful.

Due to the development of this kind of product, journal bearings which function on the basis of the lubricants are replaced for that they will fail if there is no proper lubrication. The failure is caused by the friction. Fortunately, the Timken succeeded in creating the tapered roller bearings which can reduce the friction by using a cup and cone design.

It is no doubt that the appearance of the tapered roller bearing brings customers a great surprise. They can withstand high accelerations and decelerations, heavy loads and a variety of temperature and environmental conditions. When compared to other kinds, they can support both radial and axial loads. Because of its greater contact area, they can take higher loads.

They have a wide range of applications such as the helicopter transmissions, speed reduction transmissions, gas turbine engines and so on. Addition to this, they can also be commonly applied in many simple machines like most cars, trucks, and buses.

Due to the complexities of the manufacturing process, they are usually more expensive than ball bearings. Although they have this disadvantage, this kind of bearings is still widely accepted by customers. They can not be replaced by others in some occasions. And people can choose these products for their special features to meet requirements.

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