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New Stainless Steel SSR Series

Chuang Hon Yi Axle Co.,Ltd and belt drives are modular in design, allowing for customized configurations of travel lengths, cart type and orientation, drive and guidance components. The new SSR Series Actuator offers end-users the same customization benefits found in all MacBUILT actuators with the advantage of stainless steel construction and components.

¡°Ordinary actuators do not hold up in corrosive environments resulting from wash-down and sanitizing of equipment,¡± said Steve Evers, Director of Business Development at Macron. ¡°Specifying the wrong actuator can lead to mechanical failure or contaminated foodstuffs and even lawsuits.¡±

The SSR Series Actuator is specifically designed to avoid these issues by utilizing FDA compliant materials and the properties of stainless steel, which is resistant to the corrosive forces of water, acids, caustic cleaning mixtures, and bleach used in wash-down solutions.

The SSR Series Actuator is configured with stainless steel components including machined 316 stainless pulley housings, open-design actuator beam and rail, roller guidance system,Scooter bearings and drive pulleys. In addition, each actuator includes FDA compliant belting, bearing lubricant, and is fitted with sealed synthetic bearings.

¡°The usual nooks and crannies of a standard t-slot type of aluminum actuator rail are unacceptable because they create biological-friendly environs where germs and bacteria can grow,¡± said Evers. ¡°Even the exposed threads of a screw can create a virtual incubator for bacteria and mold, which is not acceptable in food processing or sanitary automation processes.¡±

In addition to the corrosion resistant properties of the stainless steel components, the MacBUILT SSR Series Actuators use a proprietary open-sided hollow body actuator rail/beam. This design aids in visual inspection, maintenance, and high pressure wash-down, addressing the need to achieve complete sanitation.

¡°With the adaptation of even stricter cleaning methods, the actuator bearings themselves must also be addressed,¡± said Evers. ¡°Macron¡¯s long-term approach to using an open versus sealed actuator rail design means that even the bearings themselves can be flushed with spray wands and sanitized, while the actuator continues to provide smooth, accurate motion.¡±

The SSR Series Actuator is configurable to application specific requirements and available in travel lengths up to 500 feet, maximum speeds up to 15,240 mm/sec, and maximum load capacities up to 10,000 pounds. Macron can also accommodate longer travel requirements as needed.