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INA bearings

Since INA bearings inception,INA has always been devoting to the innovation of product,so as to satisfy customers¨needs and provide high quality guarantee,and become top supplier of global rolling bearing and cooperative parter that automotive manufacture can recognized.
INA bearing company currently possesses 30 plants,30,000 staffs, developing a wide range of Products include: rolling bearing, sliding bearings, linear guide systems, high-precision Products, engine parts and components. the industry which is related to product include: agricultural machinery industry, construction industry, hydro and wind power engineering industry, engineering machinery, machine tools and machinery manufacturing industry, materials handling and packaging industry, port engineering industry, power tools industry, the transmission industry, the semiconductor industry, Pump and fan industry, industrial automation and robotics industry, rubber, plastic and chemical industry, textile industry, and tractor industries, such as woodworking machinery industry.

Succeed in Designing to extend the INA Bearings (overweight condition) service l

Strengthen the shelves in accordance with the needs of the quarries and mines users , the new design provides a more smooth transition fillet and reduces stress. Increased the cap on the diameter of Boom and offer a better protection for boom INA bearings.

,The fastening bolts to the hopper using a self-locking nuts, four solid design ,and has increased stability, make the view door greater and more robust.

,5 arm design is adopted under the body frameto instead of the previous 3-arm, so that eccentric system can get more evenly stronger support,the overall strength has been greatly improved.

,View on shelves body hatch in place of steel and the use of polyurethane with a wear indicator.

,In accordance with the requirements of quarries and mines customers, moving cone head and spindle used cylindrical surface with a higher intensity.

,Deepened the Depression on boom, more user-friendly materials piled up to form the protection cap on the boom.

,Shelves can be equipped with monitoring body on Boom INA Bearing temperature sensors, to protect Boom INA Bearing, in case of INA Bearing serious damage.

The right cleaning way of imported INA bearings

In the process of INA bearing¨s usage,the cleaning regularly is very important.So how to clean the imported bearing right?Let me introduce the right way.

when discharge the imported bearing for check,first take the photography and other ways to record the appearance.Besides ,we must confirm the remain lubricant and take sample from it,then clean the bearing.

The cleaning of bearing can be divided sperm washin and rough wash,and at the bottom of containers placed on the metal grid.
Rough wash, the oil used in the removal of brush, such as grease or adhesive material. At this point if the rotating bearings in oil, pay attention to foreign bodies, such as injury due to the rolling surface.

Sperm washing, in the oil slowly rotating bearings, must be careful.

Cleaning agent generally used is the neutral non-water-diesel or kerosene,sometimes according to requirment,using the alkali, such as temperature. No matter what kind of cleaning ,both of them must be kept clean filters regularly.

After cleaning,paint the anti-rust lubricant or lanti-rust grease in the INA bearing.