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Hon Yi Special Bearings

Cam follower and cam yoke roller bearings are packed at the factory with a petroleum base, lithium grease with extreme pressure and corrosion resistant additives. This lubricant is suitable for most bearing applications within a temperature range of 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Relubrication in service can be accomplished with any non-soap base roller bearing grease or oil. A special grease or oil can be specified for unusual operation conditions at a slight price premium.

Frequency of lubrication will depend upon the speed of bearing rotation, contaminants present in the application and the type of lubricant. In continuously rotating applications, constant oil lubrication or frequent grease relubrications may be necessary. Where speeds are low or intermittent operation and contamination is not a significant factor, relubrication frequency may be extended.

The relubrication of cam yoke rollers is accomplished through oil holes and an oil groove in the bore of the inner race. The mounting pin or shaft should be axially drilled and a radial hole drilled and matched with the hole in the race.

Where dimensions allow, cam followers have provisions for relubrication through either end of the stud or through a cross drilled hole in the shank. The ends are counter bored to accept drive type lubrication fittings (not furnished). Precision machined grease plugs are supplied with each cam follower and should be press fit into unused holes in the ends of the stud. The cross hole, when not used, is normally blocked when the cam follower is properly installed in the housing.

Ningbo Chuang Hon Yi Bearing co,.Ltd. designs and manufactures high-capacity, anti-friction needle bearing units for a wide variety of applications. Standard Smith bearings are well suited for most uses; however, standard bearings will not meet all the requirements of every application. Modification of a standard bearing, or the use of a completely special bearing, may be the most practical and economical answer to the particular demands of your product.

We are equipped to engineer, design and manufacture special bearings to meet your specific requirements.


When corrosion resistance is desirable in an application, cam followers or cam yoke rollers may be obtained in a plated configuration. The outside diameter and outer race faces will be hard chrome plated and all other surfaces will be cadmium plated. When plated, the outer race diameter is .0015" greater than standard size and the stud diameter .0010" larger. The bearing will be packed with a high/low temperature grease to MIL-G-23827. When ordering plated cam followers, add the suffix CCP to the standard designations.

Unless otherwise specified, plating thickness will be in accordance with standard practice and will be in excess of specified standard dimensions.


Technical advances have widened the range of conditions under which anti-friction devices are required to operate - including extreme temperature ranges and corrosive atmospheres. This has resulted in parallel improvements in materials and lubricants used to withstand these conditions.

Ningbo Chuang Hon Yi Bearing co,.Ltd. manufactures special needle bearings in a wide variety of stainless steels, tool steels, and exotic alloys. These are available with a complete variety of petroleum or synthetic base lubricants.

Consult our engineering department for assistance with your plated or special material bearing requirements.


Ningbo Chuang Hon Yi Bearing co,.Ltd. is a major supplier of anti-friction needle bearings designed to meet the specific needs of the aircraft industry. These bearings are of non-separable construction and are used in applications involving high static or oscillating motion loads. They are manufactured in accordance with "National Aircraft Standards" for the NAS 562 series. They are equivalent to the AFBMA series HRS.

While the primary design concept of the NAS 562 series is for airframe usage in flap tracks, canopies, landing gear, etc., they are also suitable for industrial applications because of their high capacity, compact size and corrosion resistance.

ABC Inc. has also been a leader in the design and manufacture of specialized bearings for the unique requirements of jet aircraft engines. We have kept pace with the ever increasing demands for anti-friction units to operate at higher temperatures, in some cases exceeding 600 degree Fahrenheit. Thrust reversers, afterburners and divergent nozzles are some of the areas in which Smith bearings are currently functioning. We take pride in being able to supply the bearing mount elements for many of these applications, also.Contact our Sales / Marketing department or distributors for a copy of our Aerospace brochure and a quote for your requirements.